Friday, 19 May 2017

This is my Everest

Current Projects:

I recently took stock of everything I had going on at the moment and had a bit of a realisation - I have far too much stuff to do. In my office is an old passenger trunk, it's a hearty thing I got from an elderly neighbour a year or so ago, it is my 'project box' and contains all the stuff I still need to do, it's mostly full.

My current inventory stands at:

  1. Ultramarines - obviously! Lots of infantry (30+ models) a pair of Dreadnaughts and my Falchion Super Heavy tank needs finishing off.
  2. Raven Guard - I had a binge on them recently and now only an Assault Squad and then they're done. I'll post some pictures up soon.
  3. Night Lords - after the news that the next HH book is Angelus and my mate is set on a Dark Angels list I though it was time to put on my traitors cloak. I've drawn up a centurion list and have a pair of Terror squads, a volkite Support Squad, some Terminators and a big Tactical Squad to do.

GW Non Heresy:
  1. Space Marines - My Celestial lions have some tanks and a Dreadnaught that need finishing
  2. Eldar - 2 of the Start Collecting boxes, some Farseers and Eldrad plus a Cobra super heavy which I snapped up on eBay (pretty sure it's from Forge World China though)
  3. Harlequins - lots and lots of eBay purchases after the box game they put out - I've got just under 50 infantry and some skimmers to do. I think I've settled on a colour scheme of purple, black and gold I just need to get airbrushing. 
  4. High Elves - too much to list
  5. Dark Elves - big blobs of Witch Elves and Black Guard plus a bolt Thrower and a cauldron of blood
  6. Shadow Wars - I've set on the Inquisition and have built up a warband, it's all primed I just need to get on with it.

Non GW:
  1. Halo Fleet Battles - My Orion heavy cruisers need detailing
  2. Beyond the Gates of Antares - I have an Algoryn army (I've got a draft article about the, somewhere) that has a few models to finish up.
  3. Infinity - the last few Aleph units

So yeah, quite a lot.

Nathaniel Garro, Knight Errant

My wife very kindly bought me this awesome dude for my 30th and I've finally got round to finishing him off (she also got me a Legion Falchion SHT but that's a long way from being camera ready!)

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Custodes Tribune

Afternoon all,

I had the pleasure of attend the Weekender 2017 and snapped up the event only Custodes guy as well as a copy of Inferno and a few other small bits and pieces. Overall I thought the event was good but I was a bit flat that there were know Thousand Sons goodies for sale...

Corax and the Raven Guard

Whilst I think that there is always going to be something to do on this model, I am calling him done for now. He's actually been done for a few months but I'm only just getting round to putting up some decent pictures.

Airbrushing Setup

I've been airbrushing for a couple of years now but this is the first time I've been able to get a permanent setup. Our new house has a garage and I've commandeered the back of it for hobby purposes. The airbrush is a Badger Patriot 105 and it's a solid bit of kit. I've had a few blockage issues but that is certainly down to me not cleaning it properly. At the moment it's running quite smoothly and I've been knocking out a few things in the past couple of weeks. Most notable some Night Lords and Algoryn army for Beyond the Gates of Antares...

More on both of those in the future!

We are now on Instagram!

Apparently it's a popular thing that I have not shown any interest in at all. However, since listening to podcasts like the Sons of Heresy and the Eye of Horus Podcast, neither of which are big on Twitter, I have felt the need to get involved.

So, if you're on Instagram the site is on user name: Calthburns

Branching Out with Ahriman

I took time off working on various Heresy projects to have a stab at the new Ahriman model. I've always been taken by this guy's ignoble fall-from-grace backstory and the transformation he goes through in the post-Heresy years. Working with a different pallet was nice, the jet black of the Raven Guard was starting to grind me down.

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Clash Burns Channel

This blog recently passed 100,000 hits! Now, compared with other gaming sites this is paltry but to me it seems like a real accomplishment. To feed my narcism I am now embarking on setting up a YouTube channel!

How long it'll last I don't know but I've built an intro graphic and am putting together a few videos to upload straightaway including a look at Dropfleet Commander, Burning of Prospero and my kit bashed Thunderhawk - I've even ordered a model turntable!

If anyone wants to become a contributor to the channel let me know and we can see what we can do!

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

It's been a long time...

I was shocked to see that my last post was back in February which is bizarre but fairly understandable considering between then and now I've moved house and had a baby. I've done a fair amount of hobby in that time but not much that is worthy of pictures, below is a quick summary of what I've been up to:

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Raven Guard and the Shattered Legions Plan

As I mentioned in my last post, I'm now doing a smaller 30k army in the shape of the Raven Guard. I've been hard at work with some hobby stuff recently and here are the fruits of my labours.

The black was just 2 coats of undercoat spray and rather than doing edge highlights which as far as I'm concerned goes against all the RG fluff I've added battle damage to break up the larger black areas.

Friday, 15 January 2016

Deliverance Lost No More

When I bought my second set of Betrayal at Calth I wasn't 100% sure which army I was going to plump for. I wanted to do a smaller force of around 2,000 points and I wanted to try and theme it to something from the novels. My initial thoughts was a World Eaters list  I'd called Descent of the Red Angel which is taken from Galaxy in Flames. It was based around Angron coming to the surface to fight the loyalist survivors and only really needed a Storm Eagle to do. However, World Eaters are quite common and I wanted to try something a bit different.

Friday, 18 December 2015

Epic Tau expansion

Thanks to the wonders of eBay I have been able to supplement my Epic Tau army with some more units, specifically a stack of crisis suits and some hammerheads. I'm hoping to go to a local tournament in the New Year so I'm going to be tinkering with various lists to work out something effective that isn't going to bog me down with too many fiddler rules to remember (this has been downfall in recent games!)

At present my army consists of the following:

Core units:
Crisis suit cadre 1
9 Crisis teams and a Shas'O.

Crisis suit cadre 2
9 Crisis teams

Crisis suit cadre 3
6 Crisis teams

Crisis suit cadre 4
6 Crisis teams

Fire warrior cadre 1
6 Fire Warrior units in 3 Devilfish

Fire warrior cadre 2
14 Fire Warrior units

Support units:
XV88 team
6 Broadsides

Armour group
5 gunships

Pathfinder group 1
6 Pathfinder units in 3 Devilfish 

Pathfinder group 2
4 Pathfinder units in 2 Devilfish

Riptide unit
3 Riptides, Shas'el

Recon group
5 Tetras, 3 Piranhas

Skysweep group
3 Skyrays 

Air Caste Units:
Tiger Shark AX-10
2 Sunshark bombers

I'm hoping to add some Orca proxies to the list to give me some tactical flexibility, particularly when deploying the smaller crisis units and maybe another trio of Riptides because they're awesome.

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Star Wars - The force awakens post film direction and speculation

Last night I saw Star Wars - The Force Awakens and its superb. Visually stunning, interesting characters, Chewbacca is hilarious, as is BB8. There are lots of "whoop whoop!" moments, a hand full of "what the hell!?" moments and one "NOOOO!!!" moment. It's a very cool set up for the next film and leaves me with a massive list of questions - I've barely slept, my mind has been whirring about who, what and why...if you want to see some spoilers and speculation, click below...

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Telemechrus mk2

Honoured Telemechrus was one of the first things I bought when I started my 30k Ultramarines, as I've developed as a painter and my colour scheme for the Ultramarines has evolved I've found myself looking at the first load of models and wanting to redo them. My first target was the dreadnaught known as Telemechrus - or it least this proxy until they released the Ultramarines veteran sarcophagus.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Vulkan lives

I've had an off-and-on relationship with the Salamanders legion. It's something that I've always fancied doing but every time I'm in a position to start doing them properly, something else gets in the way - usually Ultramarines...

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

More Primarchs!

Prior to the arrival of Betrayal at Calth (for which I've bought 2!) I'd been trying to clear some of my Heresy backlog. Chief amongst them has been that thorn in my side Horus as well as the upstart Alexis Polux and Vulkan.

Starting with the Warmaster...

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Frostgrave: First Impressions

Last night at my local club we tried a game of Frostgrave and the verdict was pretty good. It's a skirmish game using a d20 + or - mechanic that is relatively straightforward. We were a tad ambitious and tried a 6 player game, this meant that it took quite a while to get round the table but it was fun watching a range of different warbands and Magic being thrown around. 

The game is based on a Wizard and their Apprentice, your Wizard has a primary school of magic (I went for elemental) and various other connected schools for a total of 8 spells. Each spell has a d20 casting value and if you fail it there's a chance you will take some damage. Your Apprentice has the same spells but they're harder to cast (+2). My Wizard turned out to be shite at casting spells (1 buff all game!) but my Apprentice had a slightly better time of it. Your warband is an eclectic mix of hired goons who all have varying strengths and weaknesses and cost X amount of gold. The best thing is you can only have 8 goons so you can't just mob the board with low cost Thugs and Thieves.

The point of the game is to kill enemy wizards and steal treasure. Treasure is scattered around the map and must be carried off the board - however, once a model has carried the treasure off, they don't come back! This adds a really interesting dimension to the game and makes it rather special.

The rule book is about £12 online, it's nicely put together and the mechanics are pretty sound. We reckoned there might be some balancing issues in a long term campaign but for a couple of games in an evening it would be fine.

Definitely worth your time.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Betrayal at Calth

I spoke to my local GW manager today, he showed me the Calth Heresy box he'd had delivered that morning, it looks brilliant. It costs £95 and GW have apparently made enough stock to last between now and Christmas - we both thought they may have underestimated the demand for this. Also, none of the models are marked with Legion iconography. All managers are going for training in the game on the 9th/10th.

Monday, 26 October 2015

Journeying into Epic 40k - for the Greater Good

Recently my local gaming club has been getting into Epic Armageddon and after borrowing some stuff to participate I decided that it was quite good fun and that I was going to get involved. For those who don't know, Epic is basically a 6mm version of 40k Apocalypse. It's played via activations (I move/shoot a unit, then you go.) and a standard 3,000 points takes anywhere between 3 and 5 hours. For those who've played Dystopian Wars it's very much like that.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Armies on Parade

Two years ago I won my local AoP competition with my Celestil Lions board. Admittedly I was the only person who entered (though word is 2 people turned up, saw mine and didn't bother to enter...) but I don't care I have a medal!

Okay, I do care a bit. That's why I'm trying again this year. I've settled on my Ultramarines as they are in vogue at the moment, and I'm going to set it on Calth, at a muster pre treachery. With rumours of the new 30k box set I hope that will sway public opinion in my favour.

I want to have as many of my coolest pieces on the board as I can so I'm going to have to use vertical space in order to achieve this. I plan on building a raised landing pad at the back which will have a bridge leading into the corner of a fortress. The landing pad will have my Thunderhawk, Guilliman and his honour guard. Manning the fortress tower will be my scouts whilst the master of signals will stand next to a comms relay and a Mortis dreadnaught. On the fortress wall will be my tactical squad marching down to the vehicle bay whilst manning the wall will be my rotor cannon squad. In the vehicle bay which will occupy the front left corner I'll have my terminators infront of the Spartan and my Sicaran next to that. I'll place my other characters scattered about the board. I want to try and get my Fire Raptor on the board, I thought about a 2 tiered landing pad but that might be a stretch...

As ever, I'll let you know how it goes.