Thursday, 30 August 2018

Triumvirate of Ynnead...

Well, 2 of them...

I’ve decided to do a Ynnari board for Armies on Parade this year, I wasn’t going to enter but having chatted with a friend who is doing his local store I thought sod it. I’m using my Eldar and Harlequins that are already done I just need to do these 3 and Eldrad and I’m good to go!

More plug for the Dawn of Rebellion Podcast - check us out on SoundCloud and iTunes Podcast

Sunday, 5 August 2018

Dawn of Rebellion Podcast

Some friends and I have finally got round to setting up a geek/gaming podcast - it’s something we’ve muttered about for a while and being on a six week summer break I’ve been able to do something about it. The result is the Dawn of Rebellion Podcast. We have 3 Episodes out which you can find on Soundcloud, iTunes is reviewing our application so hopefully that’ll be available soon. 

Episode 1 is about Winged Hussar Publishing and Mantic games
Episode 2 is kill team and some hobby stories
Episode 3 is an alt-Heresy theory ‘The Sanguinian Heresy’

We are also on Facebook and on twitter @DawnofRebellion

Stop by, drop us a line and let us know what you think or if you’d like to be on the show!

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Yellow Jackets Circular: Issue 3

Yellow Jacket Circular Issue 3

Greetings ladies, it’s been a productive time in the Underhive recently, the trucks are up and running and already earning us credits, the servo haulers we ‘purchased’ from the mechanicum are scheduled for delivery some time this cycle which means the machine shop can officially open for trade - put the word out, the Yellow Jackets are in the hotrod business!

Item 1:
In the truck’s debut outing the gang successfully managed to escort the guilder’s cargo out of the region, admittedly that hulking monstrosity those Squats have recruited did make off with some stash but we made up for it by pinching some rival loot [Editor: You say ‘we’ it was the other Escher gang, we were working with...]

Item 2:
We need to talk about Jimmy the Stimm... that lunatic has somehow got himself a motorbike and is becoming a real problem - he even attacked the boss! [Editor: Don’t worry boss, you can barely see the bruises]. Speculation is rife that there is something wrong with that boy, no matter how many times we see him drop he turns up again! We are recruiting a Delaq spy to find out what’s going on, just as soon as we can find one of the bald-headed bastards...

Item 3:
With the credit haul from the caravan mission we’ve recruited some fresh blood, the twins Amber & Alexandrine join us from cross-hive and Jewel from up-hive. Rosché is a champion joining us from another gang and is a dab hand with a stiletto sword [Editor: rumours that she carved up her last gang should be largely ignored, but keep an eye on her just in case]. Our illustrious overseer in House Escher has assured us that they will be valuable additions to the Yellow Jackets so please welcome them to the fold.

Item 4:
We’ve had some more armour delivered so if you’re still running about in last seasons flak armour, come see the QM for an upgrade. Things are getting ugly out there and you need to be not dying on us.

That’s it for this Circular, rumours are going round that shit is about to go DOWN soon so sharpen those blades ladies, we need to be ready!

[Rad-bowl Yellow Jackets, Gang rating 1,775, reputation 14, turf size 1]

Yellow Jackets Circular: Issue 2

Yellow Jackets Circular: Issue 2

This issue we have a special announcement from Lady Geneva, our illustrious Spire Mistress! In a personal interview she said “Welcome back from your vacation ladies, glad to see you’re all alive and in one piece - now get back to work before I turn you all into Corpse Starch!”

Item 1:
Whoever orchestrated the shoot out with those meat head goliaths, you’re losing your supplement and shower access this week - what were you thinking?? You’re just lucky nobody died, Yazmin is worth more than you so you’re paying her medical bill.

Item 2:
If you want to see how a shoot out should be done, watch the official Escher training video where the boss demonstrates how to go toe-to-toe with a Goliath, for those who don’t have a vidcaster - an overcharged plasma pistol and a fast draw holster should do the job so start saving up those credits!

Item 3:
Rumours abound of some bald mutants running about in our area, if you see one engage it with extreme (and we mean really extreme) prejudice. If they come in a pack, shout for help and then start killing, just watch out for any extra limbs

Item 4:
The runts we engaged a while back have recruited a Brute of significant proportions but don’t worry he may be big but he’s slow and a good dose of chem-synthed toxin number 5 should drop him in no time.
We think.

Item 5:
The guilders, recognising the primacy of House Escher have hired us to safeguard a land train in a couple of weeks. Our tame mechanics are hard at work getting the truck ready so standby for a quick call to action.

Item 6: 
We need to address the fact that the local business in our territory are scrimping with their tributes and although the coffers are quite healthy at the moment let’s not let them get away with credit-pinching. House advice is to practice your glares.

That’s it for issue 2 ladies, now go out and do House Escher proud!
[Rad-bowl Yellow Jackets, Gang rating: 1280, Reputation: 13, Turf 1]

Yellow Jackets Circular: Issue 1

Yellow Jacket Circular: Issue 1

The gang has been a bit slack of late so the boss decided we need to put out a newsletter to raise gang morale. Shame we didn’t get it out in time to get them going last week, turning up late to the party isn’t a good start...

Anyway, item 1:
Props to Viktoria for her recent victory in the pit, standing proud for the YJs on a big pile of corpses! Some called her tactics cowardly but ya know what? They’re dead and she’s not, so what does it matter? [Its only cowardice if she loses - Editor]. You Juves could all learn a valuable lesson in situational awareness, no point charging headlong into a Goliath brawl, not whilst the renderizers are still revving!

Item 2:
Anyone looking for some more gear? The boss has been shopping so come by and see if there’s anything you could use. FYI Belladonna, your thing hasn’t arrived yet so quit asking.

Item 3:
The higher-ups in House Escher are giving you the week off to go and do...whatever it is you deviants do in your downtime, just try not to get yourselves killed.

Item 4: 
The boss’s birthday is coming up and she wants a pet. Keep an eye out for something suitable whilst you’re roaming, even if you have to tranquillise it first.

That’s it for the first circular, hope you all found it good reading? [assuming of course that you can all read... - Editor]

[Rad-Bowl Yellow Jackets, Gang Rating: 1265, Reputation:12]

Yellow Jackets first steps

The Rad-bowl Yellow Jackets are an off-shoot of a successful House Escher Gang (the Underhive Hellclaws) located in a neighbouring spire. Yassica Debaine has been tasked with establishing chem supply routes into this part of the underhive and securing territory in preparation for further phases of expansion. She brings with her a group of established gangers and an array of specialist kit designed to stab and las its way through the opposition.

The moot didn’t go to plan and Yassica learned some valuable lessons about the fortitude of Squats. Subsequent battles saw peaks and troughs of fortune but Champion Viktoria is finding life in this part of Necromunda largely to her liking, as is Yasmin who has knocked several fresh notches into the grip of her Needle Rifle. Laina, the trigger happy Juve is still alive (somehow) but there are questions being asked about how many concussions are too many concussions...
Only one Escher has gone to the sump, her injuries proving to be too expensive for the doctor to attempt to fix - it’s a fact that life is cheap in the hive and sometimes credits are better spent elsewhere, like mesh armour and stiletto knives.

A few weeks in and the Yellow Jackets are in pretty good shape but with lots of hard graft still to do.

Monday, 2 July 2018

Rad bowl Yellow Jackets

My journey into the Underhive has been awesome so far. I’ve really enjoyed the games we’ve been playing at the club, in fact I’ve played nothing else since March!

The game is great and the campaign system is really engaging, I’ve spent hours and hours trying to work out how to build and grow my gang as our club campaign has rolled on. We are nearly at the end of our current phase of the campaign and I’m in pretty good shape with a roster of 13 and a rating of 1,775. Below are some pictures and I’ll put up some copies of the Escher newsletter I’ve been writing after the sessions.

Here is my custom caravan for the convoy mission - it can work on its own or be towed by my converted GSC truck.

A big 3v3 game we recently did

Here’s the aforementioned truck

Here are the first 10

This is the leader Yassica Debaine

The Shoot Out ended badly for my girls but I’ve only had one death in the gang - the campaign has not been as kind to some of the other players...

Saturday, 16 June 2018

Iron Within, Iron Without

After the restructuring I spoke about a few posts ago I’ve got stuck into the Iron Warriors component. I’ve written up a 1,500 point list, the models are in place and I’ve got the base colours down, well, I’ve got the silver on...

The only thing I bought for them was a Legion Medusa, whilst it’s not the most useful piece of kit in the legion armoury it is so fluffy for Iron Warriors that I couldn’t not include one.

I’ve chosen Erasmus Golg as my HQ choice because he makes terminators into troop choices and has the same wargear load out as the Betrayal at Calth terminator captain, of which I had one spare. I’ve also chosen a siege breaker counsel for the free phosphor shells on the Medusa.. The army  is built around a large block of tactical marines, a squad of 8 terminators with an array of tools. A contemptor mortis Dreadnaught with lascannons and a havoc launcher for some mobile oomph. That and the Medusa should help control the battlefield whilst a predator executioner prowls about picking off isolated or back line units. Lastly a small team of missile launchers will join the siege breaker for some more anti-armour.

I’ve no idea how it will play but this is what I want and I intend to get used to using it and making it work. There is a very old white dwarf article where one of the writers talks about building a single list and getting good at it, even if it has glaring issues don’t go mad and just buy more, get good with what you have - it’ll make you a better player. 

So that’s the plan.

I’m sure it will change...

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Enter the Underhive!

Necromunda passed me by without so much as a ripple when it was first released in the 90s, largely because I wasn’t very old at the time but in the past seven years I’ve been back in the hobby, it has never grabbed me. Lots of people I know rave about it but I’ve never been particularly interested. Until now that is...

Major 30k reorganisation

‘I have too many Ultramarines’ is not something I thought I’d ever say but the thought did occur to me recently. I don’t get to play huge games very often (or at all if I’m being honest) so having 7,000 points of Ultramarines seemed like a bit of a waste. As a lot of them were bare plastic or base coated I decided that there was going to be a redistribution of wealth...

365 mini challenge update

It’s been a bad month for the challenge, I’ve not been able to finish a single model... I’ve started loads, my Primaris Army is entirely painted red but it’s taking a lot longer than anticipated to block in the rest of the colours. My Iron Warriors have been undercoated silver but the arrival of Necromunda interrupted my painting as I’m trying to get my gang built in time for the club night on Friday.

So currently we sit at:

56 models in 57 days in 2018 which isn’t a bad place to be but it’s not as good as I was hoping. Lord of the Rings is clearly where I need to go if I want to knock out some big numbers!

I have also bought some more stuff. During my recent trip to Warhammer World I was very restrained and despite almost buying a ridiculous amount I walked away with Tylos Rubio and the Thousand Sons praetor. I was quite proud of myself. Last time I went I only wanted a pack of meltaguns and ended up buying a Caestus Assault Ram and Guilliman

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Sisters missing from Warhammer World!

Last week I went on my annual pilgrimage to Warhammer World and whilst looking through the exhibition hall - which is amazing by the way - I noticed that the ONLY thing that was missing across the entire model range displays was Celestine and the Exorcist tank... rampant speculation ENGAGE!

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Nemesis Board Game

I’ve only participated in one Kickstarter and that was Dropfleet Commander. I procrastinated for a long time before taking the plunge but I bought into this as soon as I’d watched the video. I don’t normally play board games and maybe this will simply gather dust but if nothing else the minis look really cool. 

They are currently at £1,585,000 funded which is a massive amount of money and they’ve been able to add a truck load of stretch goals - it still has over two weeks to go! Take a look and get involved!

As an aside, the Dropfleet Kickstarter actually made me money as I offloaded the extra stuff I didn’t want and easily recouped my initial outlay whilst still leaving me with two big fleets to use!

Sunday, 21 January 2018

New Year, New Army

I’ve joined a regional Horus Heresy Group who is doing the whol NYNA thing for 30k. Because I’m all set on my Legiones I thought I’d do something with my Talons of the Emperor, especially as now they are being expanded into 40k.

The plan for the Facebook group is to complete 500 point blocks over the course of the year to bring the total to 3,000 by 2019. Although I’ve thrown down the 365 minis gauntlet I reckon this is achievable.

If truth be told, the Talons aren’t technically new as I’ve had them for a while (Prospero launch day in fact) but I’ve never done anything with them, they weren’t even built until recently so, to all intents and purposes they are new. I’ve written up a couple of lists but I think I’ve finally settled on a 2k list and an additional 1k add-on to bring it up to 3,000 points. The only thing that might change is that I add in a Knight of some kind for a bit of ‘oomph’.

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Edge of the Empire - Lost in Transit

This is a one shot session that can be used as a stand-alone or as a continuation of another story. You will have to adjust the reason as to why the ship is attacked to suit your party. My villain’s motivation was revenge from an earlier mission. You can also sub in weapons and enemies if you don’t have the referenced sourcebooks.

Edge of the Empire  - Lost in Transit (a Kanjiklub adventure)

3 months have passed since the last adventure. Orrupt was as good as his word and the cantina has been fully refurbished to your specifications and at the negotiated price. With refurbishments completed and the punters returning your work on Jakku is done. The Kanjiklub have sent a new team to run the operation and you are being relieved. In the evening you board a Passenger ship bound for Corelia, a modest C3 Small Passenger Starship with only a handful of other passengers onboard.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Dropzone Commander

Some friends and I have recently bought into DZC, a 10mm scifi game about conquering a city and it's a lot of fun. There are several factions to choose from, I went with the Resistance because it was an opportunity to try out different painting techniques (damage, rust and weathering) that I don't usual use on my marines or Aeldari.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Edge of the Empire - Rogue 2 Campaign

This campaign represents an alternative take on how the Rebellion acquired the plans for the Second Death Star, it is not in keeping with canon but is an enjoyable experience none the less. The campaign is linear and the GM might need to do some careful steering to keep the party on the right track. The campaign is also quite dangerous - killing a PC is a valid option and they might well die in the end (spoilers - a certain Sith Lord shows up) but try to find some way of keeping them alive as it will be more engaging to take one party through the whole campaign. If you have any questions please let me know, I put a lot of time into this so I hope others will give it a go.

The campaign is broken down into 5 Acts, each is designed to take about 3-4 hours to do. It is recommended that you have a diverse party!

  1. Varrosi Data Vaults
  2. Kuat Drive Yards
  3. Capture of the Suprosa
  4. Kothlis
  5. Spy Net Command Tower
I hope you enjoy Rogue 2.

Edge of the Empire Campaign - Origins Of Kanjiklub

I’ve set up a long term campaign for our local group about establishing a criminal syndicate. The idea is that players can revisit the setting as and when they wish, try new characters whilst maintaining a coherent narrative. This is the opening session - our party chose a core world orbital hotel as their buying option but the plot hooks at the end are viable for most of the other options...


Frequent readers will know that I have a to-do pile far bigger than I should have. My aim this year is to cut it in half, one way or another. As you mentioned in an earlier post I’m attempting a 365 minis challenge which if I can get anywhere near completing will be a big dent in my to-do pile.

I have tried to structure my pile so I can focus on one army at a time. This is not definitive and I will still paint what takes my fancy but at the moment the plan is:

New Year and Holiday Hobby

I’ve hit a bit of a stride recently after a fairly hobby-lite December. I managed to sell my Epic Tau army to a guy in the states for a pretty tidy sum and used the proceeds to buy a few bits and pieces - chiefly some proper MDF terrain which is something I’ve wanted to get for a while.