Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Communication on Calth was pretty dire during the Word Bearers' assault, if only the Ultramarines had used twitter instead of relying on the noosphere it might have been a different story entirely...

For those of you who are twitter minded individuals I've set up an account for this blog. Feel free to follow @calthburns (occasional retweets would be appreciated) - there is a link on the top right of the homepage.

Monday, 29 October 2012

Kit-bashed Thunderhawk

A while ago I was browsing forums and stumbled upon instructions for a kit-bashed Thunderhawk Gunship that had been conceived by the team at Games Workshop Nuneaton. The model is made out of a pair of Stormraven gunships and a Vindicator and comes out looking like a Thunderhawk that's been avoiding carbohydrates. It's not as wide as the Tartarus pattern and lacks the front sponson heavy bolters but it's undoubtedly a Thunderhawk, we might even go so far as to call it a Nuneaton pattern Thunderhawk.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Building Leptius Numinus

With this month's release of the frankly very impressive Wall of Martyrs and the forthcoming battle board pieces from Forge World (See November's White Dwarf) I have started to think about the surroundings for my army - no one wants to fight on a dull battlefield!

Silver Medals

I entered one of my Cataphractii into my local store's monthly Golden Goblin painting competition this weekend. He came in second which is an achievement. The model that took first place was a very well painted Typhus. It was the right decision as he was incredibly detailed and well put together. Overall a deserving winner - on a Calth based note, whilst My terminator was beaten by Chaos, I take solace in the fact that it wasn't a Word Bearer that beat him...

Friday, 26 October 2012

Start the mark

Had my first battle today, it might only have been a house-rules game of Arena but it was great fun and in the end the Ultramarines won! Head over to the Battle Reports page for a brief synopsis. I'll try and get a more detailed one written up over the weekend but for now let's just say that there's a reason why Lamiad is the Primarch's champion...

On a side note I'd like to say a big thank you (and hello) to the new members and people who are leaving comments, I really do want to hear your thoughts and ideas about the project so feel free to chip in!

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Actual reinforcements...

So today I ordered my first wave from Forge World. Contrary to my earlier plans I've decided to go for the narrative with this order. As such I've bought kits that will allow me to create my favourite characters from Know No Fear - apart from RG of course...

So here is the run down of what I bought:

Contemptor Dreadnaught with assault cannon and power fist
10 Mk IV Space Marines
Phobos pattern bolters
Apothecary set
Space Marine Command set
MkII Space Marine assault squad
Betrayal codex

I still intend to buy the things outlined in my earlier Reinforcements post but as I said, I wanted to build the story characters first.

Don't tell my fiancée...

Faeit 212

I'd just like to say a huge thank you to Natfka over at his blog Faeit 212 for putting this blog in his weekly exchange post.

Natfka's blog is awesome and has a direct link on this blog's homepage, if you can't find it then try Natfka.blogspot.com

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Adding some character(s)

Yesterday I finished Know No Fear, those of you who have been following this blog will know that KNF was the inspiration for this project. Now that I've finished it, I can state two things.

First of all it is a real exciting read, well crafted with plenty of detail and just the right amount of suspense. I did feel that it ended a little too soon and I wanted to know a bit more of what happened with a few of the characters (Telemechrus and Eikos Lamiad for starters).

Still a good read all round.

To business!
With KNF as inspiration I am going to try to recreate several of the key characters from the book, these being...

Tuesday, 23 October 2012


I discovered this morning that there is a growing twitter community who are dedicated to Forge World only armies. This is exciting because it means I have people to share ideas with and get advice from.

If you want to follow the community's progress go on Twitter and search #ForgeWorldOnly.

Sunday, 21 October 2012


Despite spending quite a bit of my allocated painting time mucking about with cultists I have made a start on my Predator Executioner. It's only the turret but I'm happy with the way it has worked out. Historically I've really struggled with tanks but so far this one seems to be going alright.

I've added some designation transfers and a free hand kill-tally onto the weapon mount.

At the moment I've painted the cools to look like plasma but I'm contemplating changing them to a more solid copper. At the moment I'm just not sure which way to go.

The Enemy Without

Whilst not strictly speaking part of my Ultramarine army the guys below were (presumably) loyal at one point.

I love the Dark Vengence models but have no desire to start a Chaos army, I'm just too much of a good guy...but at the same time I am loath to get rid of them. As a result the cultists have been sitting in my big box of undercoated models, now I have an excuse to get them painted.

I don't know why I chose greys and purples but I think it works pretty well. I haven't spent too much time on them because they're only going to be used when friends are over for a game of DV. I have also never tried this combination before and it was fun working out the dynamics of the colour scheme a I went.

and if nothing else it gives my Ultramarines something to shoot at...

Friday, 19 October 2012


The Honour Guard are taking longer than anticipated, primarily because work keeps rearing it's ugly head. However this hasn't stopped me looking towards the future and my first bulk purchase from Forge World.

For good or ill, this first purchase is going to be more for aesthetic than practical gaming strategy. Partly because I don't yet have the Betrayal book (and therefore no army lists) and partly because I think that these models are cool...

So down to it:

Wednesday, 17 October 2012


I stated at the beginning of the process that this was going to be a Forge World project, I have however made a small concession in the form of the Honour Guard.

It is a pack that I've had my eye on for some time, though at £37 it was an unnecessary purchase as it did not fit in with my Blood Angels or Space Wolves. Now however I have an excuse.

There is a reference to Honour Guard in Know No Fear, admittedly they've been gunned down as they board a transport ship, but the point is that they were there and from what I have read there is a place for them in the Betrayal codex.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Captain Ventanus

He's finished!

After I'd finished the scratch-build it dawned on me quite how much detail there was on this model and I was somewhat daunted by this. However, I took my time, worked methodically and am extremely happy with the result - I even sent it to @Voxcaster but as of this moment (15th October) I've not had a retweet...

Using some of the tips that the 'Eavy Metal team gave me at Gamesday for the face made a real difference, I hate painting faces normally but this time it wasn't quite as painful.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Cataphractii Terminators

It's been a busy painting session this weekend, but I've managed to get the Cataphractii squad finished.

The squad took about 8 hours to do and gave me quite a stiff neck but I'm pleased with the result. The majority of the time was spent working out the colour scheme which should mean that future painting time will be reduced.

Scorched Earth

When I'm reading Know No Fear I see scorched earth, an Aggri-world being burnt to a crisp. All of my other armies (and most of my scenery) have been done up as an urban environment using plenty of greys and metals. For my Ultramarines I wanted something that would fit in with my gaming board and yet tie in with the imagery of Know No Fear. With 'scorched earth' as my starting point I went through about a dozen different styles before I finally settled on these...

I've used lots of GW tufts and sand, I've also included some off-cuts from a Forge World sprue and hacked up movement trays as pavements. I'm pretty pleased with the look, it ties in with the Calth from KNF and still looks good on my gaming board.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Lead by Example

Meet my Captain, who is kit bashed from many pieces.

The body and shield are from Forge World's Gamesday 2011 boarding marine, the halberd is from the metal Grey Knight Terminator Captain, the banner was from the SM Devastator kit and the 'U' is trimmed down from the Drop Pod accessory sprue. Oh, and the head and Iron Halo are from the Sanguinary Guard. He's standing on a Rhino side hatch which I warped with a lighter to give it a "Is that a multi-melta pointed at-" sort of feel.

He's striking a suitably regal pose and is going to lead the army, at least until Forge World release a Guilliman model...

Colour Scheme

I want this army to be different. The models help but a big part of this project is going to be the colour scheme.

The Horus heresy was a dark time and the images and artwork from Forge World and this month's White Dwarf (October '12) are filled with mood lighting, dust, dirt and grime. As a result I want my Ultramarines to feel like they're part of these dark times.

I've gone for a darker shade of blue trimmed with a light gold. Everything is based on the GW Ultramarines scheme but I've dropped it down a notch. This is yet to be finalised but I'm pretty happy with it so far...even if it is a bit Night Lords

Friday, 12 October 2012

Know No Fear

Dan Abnett's novel 'Know No Fear' is simply brilliant and I highly recommend you getting a copy, which you can do from here...

As it states in earlier posts, if meeting the design team was the inspiration to do a Heresy army, then this book was the inspiration to paint them blue.

Buy it, read it, enjoy it.

The First Purchases

Gamesday 2012 was a blast and was really where the inspiration for this project came from. Meeting the designers and creative team from Forge World was a privilege - though I was too late to pick up a Heresy book [codex?] I did pick up some of the new releases.

So the defence of Calth begins with a squad of Cataphractii terminators and a Predator Executioner. 

The Terminators have been kitted out with combi-bolters and power fists - standard. I've sculpted some little 'U's out of green stuff and will use these to spruce the models up a bit. This was a pain and something I need to work on...

The Executioner looks fantastic and I'm pleased they'd sold out of Stormeagles (my intended purchase). I was originally handed an Infernus kit and only noticed the error when I got to the till, my heart sank when they told me they'd sold out but luckily the guy behind me had experienced the same problem in reverse and so we did a simple swap and both left happy.  

I've gone for the plasma cannons and heavy bolters out of aesthetic rather than anything else - I felt that the conversion beamer looked a bit...Doctor Who and not what I wanted, it was also heat warped which helped with the decision making.

Links to Forge World here:

So it begins...

Ultramarines were my first army, back when I'd paint the blue without undercoating, back when Dark Millennium was still a work in progress, back when you didn't get a hard time for having an Ultramarine army.

I haven't seen a decent Ultramarines army on the battlefield in a long time, they appear to be taboo amongst any gamer worth their salt. I think this is a great shame as the XIII are such a major part of the 40K universe. They dominate the packaging, are the main focus of the codex and from the fluff perspective they are really what kept the imperium going in the aftermath of the heresy. Something needs to be done...

So I've bitten the bullet and braced myself for the inevitable smurf related aggro that I will no doubt face - I've started a fresh army of Ultramarines, but with a difference...this will be a heresy era force using mostly forge world products.

I'm excited, my fiancee isn't because this is going to be expensive...