Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Adding some character(s)

Yesterday I finished Know No Fear, those of you who have been following this blog will know that KNF was the inspiration for this project. Now that I've finished it, I can state two things.

First of all it is a real exciting read, well crafted with plenty of detail and just the right amount of suspense. I did feel that it ended a little too soon and I wanted to know a bit more of what happened with a few of the characters (Telemechrus and Eikos Lamiad for starters).

Still a good read all round.

To business!
With KNF as inspiration I am going to try to recreate several of the key characters from the book, these being...

  1. Captain Ventanus, 4th Company Captain who spends a lot of time carrying a battle standard and kicking some serious Word Bearer/deamon ass
  2. Sgt Aeonid Thial, 139th Company, marked for censor (wears a red helmet of shame) 
  3. Eikos Lamiad, Tetrarch of Ultramar and the Primarch's champion - serious badass who is heavily augmented following an injury, he is described as having half of his face made out of porcelain.
  4. Telemechrus, Contemptor dreadnaught with an assault cannon. Newly interred into the sarcophagus, survives a fall from orbit and is recovered by Lamid.

Other characters I will hopefully end up including are..

Captain Sydance - 4th Company Captain, bit of a wisecracking badass.
Captain Sullus, 39th Company Captain, hot-headed with a bit of survivor's guilt.
Sgt Greavus, 39th Company
Marius Gage, Chapter Master 1st Chapter and Guilliman's right hand man.
Jaer, Apothocary 161st company
and of course, the big RG, though this will have to wait until Forge World get round to sculpting him.

With these in mind, I find myself in the rather fortunate position of having models to represent some of these characters already and whilst they won't necessarily play the same way on the tabletop as they do in the book, stylistically it will work.

The Honour Guard with battle standard is a dead ringer for Ventanus. Huge battle standard? [check], power sword? [check], old-school armour with slightly elaborate helmet? [check] [check]. My current Commander (who at present is called Ventanus) is easily swapped out for Marius Gage or Eikos Lamiad. Nothing is mentioned about either character's wargear (bar Lamiad's cybernetic face) so my model is just filling in the blanks. He is also armed with suitably elaborate weaponry that would befit a Chapter Master or the Primarch's champion. It will just depend on how the Betrayal codex works out.

The other members of the Honour Guard can easily fill in for the remaining captains, Telemechrus and the Apothecary are straight buys from Forge World and the sergeants can be some fun conversion projects.

Eventually I would like to do a diorama piece about Thial leading the survivors to the auxilliary bridge as there are a real mix of characters and weapons discussed in these chapters but that might be a project too far at this stage.

Oh, the other thing I want to get is an Ultramarines Shadowsword as that is makes several appearances

One thing at a time, one thing at a time...


  1. Very cool!

    You're inspiring me to pick up the KNF book, and perhaps do some Heresy-Era Forge World stuff too.

    I might go Word Bearers.