Sunday, 28 October 2012

Building Leptius Numinus

With this month's release of the frankly very impressive Wall of Martyrs and the forthcoming battle board pieces from Forge World (See November's White Dwarf) I have started to think about the surroundings for my army - no one wants to fight on a dull battlefield!

The principle ground battle in Know No Fear is the battle for Leptius Numinus, the Governor's palace on the Plaines of Dera. Abnett does a very good job of visualising the scene which focuses on the outer-walls of the palace and the bridge/gates that lead into it. The Wall of Martyrs kit seems to fit the bill, or is certainly pretty close to what I had envisioned. It's not perfect for Leptius Numinus, being a bit too militarised but with some plasticard walls to support the trench work it should do the job nicely.

At £100 though it is quite pricey. However, in White Dwarf it says 'whilst stocks last' which doesn't help with my financial dilemma. £100 would be a hefty chunk out of my budget for the next Forge World order (many, many Storm Eagles!) but can I afford to let this pass me by?

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