Monday, 15 October 2012

Captain Ventanus

He's finished!

After I'd finished the scratch-build it dawned on me quite how much detail there was on this model and I was somewhat daunted by this. However, I took my time, worked methodically and am extremely happy with the result - I even sent it to @Voxcaster but as of this moment (15th October) I've not had a retweet...

Using some of the tips that the 'Eavy Metal team gave me at Gamesday for the face made a real difference, I hate painting faces normally but this time it wasn't quite as painful.

I'm really pleased with the base too, the melted Rhino door works well to elevate him above the height of normal models and give him the air of a king surveying his lands. It also ties in with the scorched earth theme I discussed in an earlier post and when placed side by side with the Cataphractii it all fits together nicely.

As with the Cataphractii, this model took time - a lot of time, but I am really proud of it. This army is feeling more and more like an artistic endeavour rather than a purely gaming one (which sounds desperately pretentious I know). Whether or not I'll be quite as dedicated with the rank-and-file marines is still up for debate but, as the saying goes: If you're going to do something, do it properly.

Having finished KNF, this model is going to be used to represent either Marius Gage, Chapter Master of the 1st Chapter or Eikos Lamid, the Primarch's Champion - he will still fill my Praetor slot but I have a better model to represent Captain Ventanus.


  1. I think you should keep up the paint scheme even with the rank and file.

    He's one excellent miniature.

    1. Thank you very much Mr Roy, he looks a lot better in the flesh, I'll try and get some better photos done this week.

  2. Hi, I'm building up an Ultramarines force since 12 years now and I'm keen on seeing new models for inspiration. I also love the novel "Know no fear" and am proud that someone has the bravery to build up an army based on that book. But why hasn't Ventanus got the standard like in the book and will Marius loose his arm also? Keep up your work!
    If you are interested:

    1. Cheers for the comments, as it says in the update this is going to be Eikos Lamiad, I've done a better Captain Ventanus somewhere else in the blog, complete with banner!