Saturday, 13 October 2012

Lead by Example

Meet my Captain, who is kit bashed from many pieces.

The body and shield are from Forge World's Gamesday 2011 boarding marine, the halberd is from the metal Grey Knight Terminator Captain, the banner was from the SM Devastator kit and the 'U' is trimmed down from the Drop Pod accessory sprue. Oh, and the head and Iron Halo are from the Sanguinary Guard. He's standing on a Rhino side hatch which I warped with a lighter to give it a "Is that a multi-melta pointed at-" sort of feel.

He's striking a suitably regal pose and is going to lead the army, at least until Forge World release a Guilliman model...

1 comment:

  1. Very nice model! I'm a big fan of the XIII Legion and currently have a bit over 14,000 points of Ultras in my collection. I'm really looking forward to seeing your completed army!