Friday, 19 October 2012


The Honour Guard are taking longer than anticipated, primarily because work keeps rearing it's ugly head. However this hasn't stopped me looking towards the future and my first bulk purchase from Forge World.

For good or ill, this first purchase is going to be more for aesthetic than practical gaming strategy. Partly because I don't yet have the Betrayal book (and therefore no army lists) and partly because I think that these models are cool...

So down to it:

1) Storm Eagle
Self evident really, this is a wicked model and everyone should have one, I'm actually planning on having two but at £90 a pop this might take a bit of time.

2) Siegebreakers
Using Mk III models and the Siegebreaker upgrade kit I plan on having a unit of 10 Siegebreakers to bundle out of the Storm Eagle in support of my Captain and Honour Guard. If this isn't possible then it's no big deal because these are awesome models in their own right.
A unit of 10 Siegebreakers will cost £93

3) Scouts
Not just any old scouts, these are Mk IV scouts. From what I've read, Heresy legion scouts can be equipped with full power armour AND sniper rifles. This is an exciting prospect and one where I can do a bit of conversion work. I'm ordering a pack of Tigris pattern boltguns because the ammo clip is square and with some plasticard extensions on the barrel and a silencers they should look like the Sniper Rifle from Halo, essentially giving me a unit of Master Chief look-a-likes.

2 units of Mk IV and a pack of Tigris boltguns will cost £57

For an eye watering total of £310...

I told you this wasn't going to be cheap!

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