Sunday, 28 October 2012

Silver Medals

I entered one of my Cataphractii into my local store's monthly Golden Goblin painting competition this weekend. He came in second which is an achievement. The model that took first place was a very well painted Typhus. It was the right decision as he was incredibly detailed and well put together. Overall a deserving winner - on a Calth based note, whilst My terminator was beaten by Chaos, I take solace in the fact that it wasn't a Word Bearer that beat him...

I'll try and get some feedback from the judge on what I can do to improve my technique so I can claim the Golden Goblin once again (I have won it previously with a kit-bashed Space Wolf Captain), until then I've made some further progress on my Predator Executioner (pics to follow) and some Iron Warriors to lead my cultists.

I'm procrastinating tackling my Honour Guard because they are quite a daunting prospect...there is just so much detail! I really want to do them justice but can't quite bring myself to do it at the moment. Still, I'm on half-term this week so I suppose I should man-up and get on with it. Who knows, I might even get them done in time for my Forge World order to arrive.

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  1. Ah, Iron Warriors? Just did a painting guide on how I did mine.
    On a serious note, happy to give feedback wherever, whenever :)