Sunday, 21 October 2012

The Enemy Without

Whilst not strictly speaking part of my Ultramarine army the guys below were (presumably) loyal at one point.

I love the Dark Vengence models but have no desire to start a Chaos army, I'm just too much of a good guy...but at the same time I am loath to get rid of them. As a result the cultists have been sitting in my big box of undercoated models, now I have an excuse to get them painted.

I don't know why I chose greys and purples but I think it works pretty well. I haven't spent too much time on them because they're only going to be used when friends are over for a game of DV. I have also never tried this combination before and it was fun working out the dynamics of the colour scheme a I went.

and if nothing else it gives my Ultramarines something to shoot at...

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