Friday, 12 October 2012

The First Purchases

Gamesday 2012 was a blast and was really where the inspiration for this project came from. Meeting the designers and creative team from Forge World was a privilege - though I was too late to pick up a Heresy book [codex?] I did pick up some of the new releases.

So the defence of Calth begins with a squad of Cataphractii terminators and a Predator Executioner. 

The Terminators have been kitted out with combi-bolters and power fists - standard. I've sculpted some little 'U's out of green stuff and will use these to spruce the models up a bit. This was a pain and something I need to work on...

The Executioner looks fantastic and I'm pleased they'd sold out of Stormeagles (my intended purchase). I was originally handed an Infernus kit and only noticed the error when I got to the till, my heart sank when they told me they'd sold out but luckily the guy behind me had experienced the same problem in reverse and so we did a simple swap and both left happy.  

I've gone for the plasma cannons and heavy bolters out of aesthetic rather than anything else - I felt that the conversion beamer looked a bit...Doctor Who and not what I wanted, it was also heat warped which helped with the decision making.

Links to Forge World here:

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