Thursday, 8 November 2012

Aesthetics vs. Viability

The super glue is barely dry on less than half of my recent Forge World order but I am already looking to the future. Having poured through the army lists in Betrayal I've worked out that I've got 1,800 points already, admittedly this includes three HQ choices so in real terms I have a viable army of about 1,500 points - give or take a few melta bombs. Since I don't know of anyone at my hobby story doing a 30k army I'm at a bit of a cross roads. Since I have a legit army that could be used, do I continue in the direction of competitive army lists or do I stick with the aesthetic and buy stuff just because it looks cool?

A great example is the Legion Tactical Squad which can have up to 20 tactical marines in it. In game terms this unit can dish out a horrendous amount of firepower for comparatively little points cost. Yet I've already got ten tactical marines and for the same price I could get a squad of boarding marines, another set of terminators (Tartarus pattern next) Or with an extra £10 a Land Raider Achilies! The terminators are cool because they're like mini-contemptors but that would then leave me with 4 elite choices and the Achilies looks AWESOME but only carries 6 models so is somewhat limited on the battlefield. But in game terms, the extra 10 tactical marines is almost a no-brainer, who doesn't want to pump out 80 (rapid fire plus 'fury of the legion' which allows you to fire twice in one turn but forfeits all shooting next turn = 80) S4/AP4 shots!

At the moment I'm leaning towards aesthetic choices purely because I haven't got any opponents nearby and partly because there are some fantastic models out there...but not until the current batch are built and painted, well, built at least.


  1. I think you should buy what you love first and flesh out the army with essentials second. My 30K plans are based on the fact I think the older armour/vehicles are cooler than the 40K lot. Even though it's going to cost a jewel encrusted gold kidney.

    As for opponents, why not let 40K people play against your 30K? Daemons, Orks, Eldar, Dark Eldar and Imperial Guard are all acceptable opponents. Chaos would have to be cultists and daemon engines.

    1. You really can't, Tom Kemp. The way that the HH list is, it will mince anything that's not another HH list. Essentially, it's a stand-alone game that cannot be fairly mixed with 40k.

      Well, I'm going to admit it. With enough time, I will be slowly gathering the XVII Legion Astartes too... So... you may have an opponent eventually.

    2. Oh! That has put me off. I wanted to have a fair fight against 40K armies.

      Glad you told me Benjamin Kelly, before I started emptying my wallet.