Thursday, 1 November 2012

Arise, Captain Ventanus

I stated not so long ago that the reason I hadn't tackled my Honour Guard yet was that it was quite an intimidating prospect. It was, and is - I still have the other three to do but for now I am incredibly satisfied with the way my new Captain Ventanus has turned out. 

In total I used 32 different paints and 7 different brushes. At a conservative guess I would say this has taken me the better part of seven hours to do - a lot of that was time spent on the banner.

The space marine didn't take all that long, the most time consuming bits were probably the purity seal scrolls as for some reason the paint took much longer to dry here than on the cloak (go figure!). Once I had got stuck into the model I actually didn't find it too difficult, the eyes were done in about 3 brush strokes!

The banner was a different matter. I spent quite a while researching how others had done it and saw some really impressive examples. The bottom section with the campaign patches was fiddly and is something I will probably return to at some point. The central figure was mostly done by dry-brushing, as was the 'Calth' banner. The freehand writing is alright, I've not really done it before so it was a bit of an experiment. I'm happy with 'Calth' but not so happy with 'Ultra' as it isn't very central. 

I haven't given him a backpack yet as I am still waiting on my Forge World delivery. Since he is supposed to be in MkIV armour he needs a Mk IV backpack.

I am pleased with the way the cloak turned out, I had toyed with a few colours (red and green were strong contenders) but I settled on white because it is a bright contrast to the more muted blues and golds on the model. The cloak acts as a sort of angelic light around his body, brightening him up. This means he draws quite a lot of attention when the models are lined up.

Lastly, the base was done using the style discussed in my Scorched Earth post and helps tie the model in with the others in the army.

I'm glad he's finished but I really want to get my predator Executioner done before I tackle the other captains. I've got another day of my holiday tomorrow so maybe if I can get a spare hour I can do that.

As ever I'll keep you posted.


  1. He's looking absolutely stunning - very nice clean white on the cloak, good artistic choice!

    An an idea to get freehand text centralised, what I do is put the first letter on, then the last, then paint the middle in. Then connect the three... ie

    U L T R A

  2. That's a good plan, I'll have a go at that tomorrow. Cheers Ben!

  3. Very cool paint job. I agree with Benjamin Kelly on the clean white cape, it makes a good contrast to the dark blue of the armour.

    (I'm Tom Roy by the way)