Monday, 12 November 2012


It's been a busy weekend and as a result I've not done as much painting as I usually do, hence the lack of posts in the last couple of days. However, that hasn't stopped over a hundred people from visiting the site - to them I say a hearty "Thank you."

Despite the rush, I have been able to get Telemechrus finished. His base is almost done, complete with dying Word Bearer (as promised), once it is all finished I will put up some pictures.

I have also completed the first of my reconnaissance marines and I'm really happy with the way it has turned out. I have now got grand designs to customise the armour and helmets of each member of the recon squad using the characters from Halo Reach as my inspiration. The key difference will be the weapons, I'm going to try and give them all sniper rifles if possible.

I've mentioned the colour scheme in a previous post but I'm going to retread old ground here and talk about it some more. I've always had an issue with how scouts are painted because it doesn't fit in with the fluff that accompanies them. It is very difficult to sneak about unnoticed if you are wearing camouflage let alone brightly coloured shoulder pads! With the introduction of cameleoline into the Betrayal army lists, I reasoned that a neutral armour plate would be the better way to go. The fortress grey of the armour is supposed to represent the active-camo working in the shattered, dusty urban environment of the staging posts.
Now some of you might be thinking 'hey, how can you argue against bright shoulder pads and then stick a gold visor on him!?' Easy - I'm a hypocrite...

The plan for this week is to complete half of the tactical marines and Sergeant Thial, if I can find the time I will try and do some of the assault marines too. I will try and do a painting guide for the tactical marines in case anyone is interested.

On a final note, funds have been acquired to complete the Kit-bashed Thunderhawk. I'm going to wait until I have finished the rest of my Ultramarines before I start building it, this is an effort to get me to actually finish something rather than doing my usual trick of getting halfway through a squad and starting something new...then taking an age to get back to it (my 32 Blood Angels Death Company, rhino and Landraider are still sitting there glaring at me...)

Now do excuse me, I have a haemorrhaging Word Bearer to paint.


  1. A mirror like surface is actually a great way to camoflage a lens. We had sights on top of our missile systems that had a mirrored coating. At first I was like WTF? But then when I looked from a distance, the sight just faded into the background. I'm not sure how well it will work for gold...but hey, I'm just assuming he's got his interior lights on high.