Sunday, 4 November 2012

Captain and Champion

Since thursday I have produced a model at a rate of one a day, which is pretty poor going I feel, especially as I've been on holiday! However, the three models that I have finished have been character models so perhaps it's not too bad after all. With the completion of the Legion Champion and Captain Sydance I only have Captain Sullus to paint before I have a clear slate - at least as far as Ultramarines go, I've got quite a large back log of Space Wolves, Blood Angels, Dark Angels and Chaos cultists to get through - This is encouraging as my Forge World order was dispatched yesterday (Saturday) and should hopefully be here by Wednesday. However Halo 4 arrives on Tuesday...

I got stuck into the Legion Champion straight after finishing Captain Ventanus as I was feeling pretty happy about how the good Captain turned out. I enjoyed painting the champion though there are a lot of quite fiddly details, especially on the belt. 

I changed my approach to the...skirt(?) on the Champion. Instead of painting it a cherry red I went for a straight purple and I'm glad I did as I think it makes the model a bit more vibrant. I might have to go back and adjust Ventanus' to make them fit but I think a little bit of variation isn't necessarily a bad thing. The yellow rope is going to be a consistent thing, partly because it pays homage to the 40k Ultramarine colour schemes and also because I wore yellow rope on my dress uniform during my brief time as an Army Officer.

Captain Sydance was an easier model to paint, though I'm not really sure why. I'm pleased with the gold trim on the armour, the white on the axe and the cloak is fairly close to the one from Captain Ventanus giving the models greater consistency. I'm a bit unsure about the bolter, I think it seems a bit...well i'm not sure but it isn't quite what I want. I think I'll experiment with the tactical marine boltguns before I put the 'ard coat on this one. I also think I'll redo the eye lenses as they're a bit bigger than the others.

At the moment I'm staging these photos using a piece of paper by a window but it is somewhat dependent on having a good amount of daylight. However since winter is coming I've decided to take matters into my own hands. I had a think about this and having done some artistic photography at university I've built a miniature studio as seen below. The idea being that with a good clear bulb the light will be reflected and illuminate the whole model. At the moment my desk lamp is too yellow and focused so it isn't quite working but I'm planning on getting a proper artists lamp in the coming weeks.

The err, envelope is a stop gap until I can print some proper backgrounds (thunderstorms, ruins or White Dwarf red).


  1. The loud thud you heard was my jaw hitting the keyboard!


    The champion is my favourite so far, but your painting is excellent. You must enter Golden Daemon sometime with these; they're that good!

  2. Really love your Champion mini, great conversion and painting!

  3. Great work on these, I'm looking forward to seeing more!