Monday, 5 November 2012

Forge World Care Package

Praetor Marius Gage
My Forge World care package has arrived and in all honesty I'm a little overwhelmed! That didn't stop me from getting stuck in to some building/conversion work though. I made a bee-line for the MkIV Command kit. I wasn't sure that I wanted to buy this but since placing the order this is the model I've kept coming back to in my head.

Because I wanted this model to represent Marius Gage, the Chapter master of the First Chapter I used the eagled cloak from the Banner bearer instead of the power sword arm - which was a little warped :/ I think this gives him a more regal presence befitting the second in command of the Ultramarines. The model has a sense of a king surveying his kingdom and so I placed him atop a foam hill from an old (old, old, old) scenery set. I have plans to blend the capes together with some green stuff and give him a thunder hammer slung over his shoulder.

Tactical Squad Sergeant
This model was supposed to be the banner bearer but I've chosen to kit him out as my tactical squad sergeant. I've given him the combi-melta from the 2011 Gamesday model and used some arms from the blood angels sprue to get the pose right. He won't become Sergeant Thial (he needs an elaborate sword) but he'll serve a purpose on the battlefield.

Bar some different poses the apothecaries are unaltered but still cool models that I just had to build!

I haven't had a chance to go through the Betrayal codex in any great detail yet but from what I've seen so far it is a simply stunning piece of work. It's beautifully detailed, smartly written and really (and I mean really) well put together. I'm actually gutted I couldn't pick up a copy at Gamesday and get it signed but maybe the authors will be there in 2013.

Tomorrow I might tackle either the contemptor dreadnaught Telemechrus or the assault squad. Alternatively I might sack that off and just play Halo 4 all night!

It's a win-win situation!


  1. That was quick work! i'm guessing that's not the final placement of Marius as he looks slightly unbalanced at present. Although the pose is very regal. But that looked like a lot of FW. Nice

  2. No he is balanced with a bit of blue-tac. I'm going to greenstuff the cloak to fill it in and probably reposition his left shoulder so it matches the right. I just wanted to get some pictures up pronto!

  3. Can't wait to see the work you do on these cool models.

    I've a question about the book: will I have to buy it, even if I'm doing "crusade-era" Imperial Fists?

    Reason I ask is I believe it has all the unit rules and what makes up a crusade legion. I don't want to pay £70 only to have the same info in the future Imperial Fists book.

    1. It does have all of the standard rules for a 30k legion so you could do an IF list if you wanted to. I would say it is worth getting because the IFs probably won't appear until the battle for Terra book (rumoured book 8 of 8...) which will be years away. I'd recommend getting it - you'll be holding your breath for too long otherwise...

    2. Thanks

      My wallet weeps.

      But I won't get much collecting, modelling and gaming done if I die of self-inflicted asphyxiation.