Sunday, 4 November 2012

Kit-bashed Thunderhawk begins!

+++ Stage 1: Acquiring Components +++

Today is a special day because it is the beginning of a lengthy project-within-a-project; The kit-bashed Thunderhawk which I have chosen to call the Spear of Calth.

Someone start the Mark.

Let me clarify that this is the beginning of the project, the very beginning and so far I've only sourced about 1/4 of the necessary parts, chiefly the back third of the fuselage. I've been scavenging on Ebay and managed to pick up a rhino body and the demolisher cannon from the vindicator kit for just over £13. The reason I did it this way is because you actually use very little of the Vindicator's extra bits and since the tracks, doors, hatches, secondary weapons and siege shield aren't used (and will essentially be wasted), buying it in parts seems like a much more sensible idea. These should arrive midweek.

I'm also waiting on the cost for a Shadowsword cannon and a quote for a pair of Stormravens. Bar glue and greenstuff I reckon I can do this for about £130.

I shall keep you abreast of all future developments.

To the skies!

P.S Yesterday, just three weeks into it's existence the blog clocked it's two thousandth visitor. I'd just like to say a big thanks to all who visit and all who spread the word. You humble me.
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  1. Congratulations on 2000 visitors!

    Can't wait to see the work in progress.

    I'm pleased you're going for the laser cannon rather than battlecannon. Can't get better than a destroyer weapon.

  2. Hi mate on holiday at the mo but I have seen my e mail. For you the cannon will cost you nothing as you need to save your cash for other bits needed for this project.

    Plus well done on 2000 visitors and I hope your blog and interest grows.