Friday, 16 November 2012

Kit-bashed Thunderhawk Construction Underway

With almost all of the parts delivered (I'm waiting on you Forge World...) I have made a start on the Thunderhawk Gunship. The Space Marine at the bottom gives you a real sense of scale, this thing is going to be massive. It's currently sat in the Dark Vengeance box and is almost the same length. At the moment I have built the core structure but it has been a real headache!

The instructions are very low-res and has resulted in a lot of squinting at the screen trying to work out where to make the cuts and where to attach the various bits and pieces. Initially I was hoping that things would line up fairly neatly but this has not been the case. There will be a fair few seems and gaps that are going to need filling with green-stuff, an unenviable task...

The most difficult part so far has been lining up the vindicator hull with the rear section of the cabin. This has taken three sets of very fine carving and numerous outbursts of expletives. It isn't a perfect fit but it is straight, I can worry about filling in gaps later.

The front of the Thunderhawk is pretty much done, don't worry - the cabin cover hasn't been glued in place! The Turret was built using the hull-mounted heavy bolters from the Land raider which were cut in half and stuck to the rear half of the Stormraven's assault cannons before being attached to the turret itself.

It does the trick and if it looks out of place when it's all finished I can always unscrew the turret and think of an alternative, maybe another FW turret...

I'm hoping to get the tail section finished this evening but I'm going to do the wings tomorrow, I just can't deal with all this frustration in one evening! Keep checking back for further updates and do spread the word!


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