Wednesday, 14 November 2012


I seem to have hit a bit of a wall with regards to painting and I'm just not able to get in the right mood to do it, at least to paint things in blue...The Apothecary however isn't blue so I was able to get him done reasonable quickly. 

I've had a lot of practice painting white as I have an infantry heavy Space Wolves force which are done in white (they're called the White Wolves...there's a link to them on the homepage), it's surprisingly simple to do and bar a bit of attention on the overlaying it produces pretty good results in a relatively short space of time. The technique is one I picked up from White Dwarf when they painted up the Assault on Black Reach set as White Scars. 

Undercoat: Skull White
Layer: Ulthuan Grey (all over)
Wash: Agrax Earthshade (liberally)
Layer: Ulthuan Grey (over the panels)
Highlight: White Scar ( edge and centre of the panels)

The rest of the model was just a case of painting some psudo-medical coloured vials and doing something a bit different with the chainsword. The blood packs at the top have a layer of plasma (the blood plasma, not the centre-of-the-sun-hot plasma gun plasma you were all thinking of) because it separates when left standing, apparently. The blue robe was originally going to be done as brown leather but I thought it was a bit to 'Hostel' and didn't sit well with me - yes they carve people open, but the Apothecaries are doing it for the right reasons...

+++Thunderhawk Update+++
I've had conformation of all parts being shipped and they could be arriving today, though more likely tomorrow...