Friday, 2 November 2012

Predator Executioner

Behold the Predator Executioner as it rumbles out of the Calth manufactorum! I've done my best to tie it in to the other models in the army but I've found that surprisingly difficult. With the heavy use of gold trimming on the Cataphractii I needed to find a way of applying some of that to the Executioner.

The vent soot was done by drybrushing Abaddon Black.

The only difference between this model and the other Ultramarines I've done is that here I used three layers of Guilliman Glaze as I found that this helped eliminate a lot of the brush strokes.

I've done the headlights using a technique I was shown by the 'Eavy Metal team at Gamesday 2012 where by you start with a wide use of a darker shade and build the brightness up as you reduce the radius. To achieve this I've used Hoeth Blue followed by Lothern Blue then Lothern Blue mixed with White Scar and lastly a blob of White Scar.

The front panel was a little bit warped when I got it from Forge World
so the transfer will probably be painted over to help flatten it out. 
I scuffed the bottom with a bit of drybrushed Leadbelcher and I intend to put some dirt in the tracks using some Stirland Mud but I haven't got one handy so I'll have to wait until I can get to a hobby store.

Painting this model reminded me why I tend to have infantry based armies...It's a chore and I can't seem to get a uniform spread/lack of brush strokes. People recommend using spray guns but I've had three and none of them have worked properly. Personally I have always felt that you should buy models you are going to enjoy building and painting, not ones purely for army lists. I know that's not everyone's approach but that's my two cents worth.

On a side note, I received a note from Forge World saying my order has been dispatched (I had to wait for some of the models to be released before they shipped it out.) Hopefully they will be here in time for my birthday next weekend.


  1. what is the bump underneath the chapter symbol on the front plate? Otherwise looks great, will you be adding burnt effects to the muzzle when you add the mud effects?
    Spray guns are handy but do take some practice to get used to, as you need the right paint consistency/pressure, bit of a faff but does mitigate the brush strokes and provide a smooth finish.

    1. The panel was a bit warped when I bought it and too thin (almost translucent) to try and file it down. It's a shame but couldn't really be helped.

      I will probably add something along those lines with regards to to the barrel. I want to read a bit of the fluff from the Betrayal codex so I can get a better understanding of what the Executioner was and how it was utilised.

  2. Excellent work!

    I think the effect of the headlights is brilliant. Most people don't think to paint the glow from lights on their miniatures. It's something I'll have to try.

    I thought the warped chapter symbol was an intentional attempt to show battle damage. From too much ramming of Word Bearers perhaps.

    1. That's a much better explanation than poor resin casting! I might just mush a Word Bearer under the tracks

    2. "I might just mush a Word Bearer under the tracks"
      Not on my watch!

      Seriously though, a fantastic model and very nicely painted. The glow effect is awesome, you're gonna have to teach me that too some day!