Friday, 23 November 2012

+++Progress Update+++

Many will be ordered!
Forge World is starting to come up trumps with the release of some flashy new upgrade kits for their Horus Heresy range. Whilst my lists don't have room for a heavy weapons squad, they are still pretty awesome. I really like the new Legion Champion though I won't be getting one - I'm perfectly satisfied with my own effort and while it looks very Betrayaley (new word?) it's not very Ultramarines... The thing I'm most excited about is the release of a second set of MkII Assault troops (shown above), these have a much more dynamic pose and will help me to avoid the problem of pose replication that can occur when you're dealing with small unit kits.

Heavy support comes in new forms!
Brutal looking pose on the Legion Champion!
The senior adept at the Manufactorum is concerned with the lack of progress on the Thunderhawk this week. I'm blaming pressures from the department of work and oversight. There are also some rumours of a Xenos incursion into the work station, something about Eldar...

Still, work on the Spear of Calth shall resume in earnest tomorrow morning. The main aim of this weekend will be completing the wings and assembling the whole thing at last! This probably won't mark completion as there will still need to be a good deal of time spent filling in gaps with plasticard and green stuff.

I will get some pictures up soon showing a bit more of the gunship's detailing.


  1. Even without a heresy army, I might pick up that champion just for the sword. That's a relic blade if ever I saw one.

  2. It is pretty sweet, I've harvested some Relic Blades from the DA Captain from DV, they're similarly grande in scale.