Sunday, 25 November 2012

Sergeant Thiel

Aeonid Thiel is arguably the second most important character in Know No Fear. He starts of preparing himself for a dressing down from Guilliman himself before manning up and leading the orbital comeback against the traitorous Word Bearers. He even comes to the rescue of the big RG himself!

This was a simple model to paint as I have the blue armour process down and the helmet was a mini version of what I do for my Blood Angels. I tinkered with the xenos longsword and went for a purple hue to it - prizes for the person who can name the model the sword comes from!

The sergeant will probably lead a Seeker Squad or a special support squad but that's some time off, for the moment he'll just look cool.


  1. Must be a dire avenger dire sword. He looks good, I did enjoy the book and the origin of the red helmet.

  2. Definately Eldar.

    If not dire avenger then I have one of two to choose from.

    I'm going for the Autarch. Though I suspect it might be the other one I was thinking of.

    1. Bingo! It was the Autarch, good knowledge.

  3. Is it from a dark eldar llhamen or whatever the one from the retinue in the dress is called. Love the blog by the way my first army was ultras and this brings me back