Friday, 30 November 2012

Stormeagle or Spartan?

It's been a bit quiet on the blog recently, mostly due to a shed load of work stuff all happening at once. However, I am finding the odd few minutes here and there to keep going with my Ultramarines.

This morning I  took delivery of the new FW Assault Marines, though I'm out of glue (damn Thunderhawk...) so I can't do much with them this evening! I've almost finished painting the last of my honour guard marines - designated as Captain Sydance - there are just a few more bits of detailing to go before he can join the others. I'll try and get a shot of the army as is at some point soon.

With the characters now largely completed I'm thinking of doing a display stand for them. I've got a piece of 10x4 inch wood that can neatly accommodate Ventanus, Sullus, Sydance, Jaro, Gage, Lamiad and Thiel and possible Telemechrus if they all bunch up a bit. This would probably be my entry into my local store's Christmas painting competition as I doubt the Thunderhawk would be up to standard by then.

With Christmas on the horizon I've got a tough decision to make. To round my force up to a viable 2,000 points I need to get either of the following and I just don't know which way to go!

Stormeagle and 10 man Seeker Squad (2 packs of MkIIIs)


Spartan Tank and 10 additional MkIV Tactical Marines.

I'm going to set up another poll and will listen to it this time, I promise.

So rest assured I'm still ticking away and will continue to keep you posted.


  1. My votes in: spartan. As cool points go, that one wins hands down. If you want gaming strength go with the storm eagle. Flyers seem to be boss in the new edition.


  2. Both are good choices but at the moment I would go storm eagle