Monday, 12 November 2012

Telemechrus Arrives

I have spoken about the character of Telemechrus at length in a previous post so this is more about the finished product rather than the inspiration for it. The paint scheme was the same as the Predator, the extra layers of Guilliman Glaze being used to clear away the brush strokes. 

The longest and most difficult part of this project was building the dead Word Bearer, painting the Dreadnaught itself was surprisingly quick. The metal areas were layered with Leadbealcher then Ironbreaker followed by a Nuln Oil wash. I thought the brass ring at the rear of the body helped liven things up a bit. I am unsure whether to weather the transfers or not, they feel a bit too bright. However, Telemechrus is a new dreadnaught and so things would be shiny and new. I think I shall leave it for now and review it in the light of day.

The base was made up of a spare Space Marine I had left over from my Blood Angels army, I was going to use a FW marine but with the bolter they come out at £6.20 each! The bolter casings were green stuff I rolled out and chopped up, fortuitously they actually lay beneath Telemechrus' assault cannon, I'd like to say that was planned but it wasn't really...

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