Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Telemechrus is a really interesting character in Know No Fear, as a newly interred dreadnaught he struggles with his 'life'. His disembodied self is trying to deal with the isolation of being cooped up in a sarcophagus and suppress a rising fear of his new existence. Abnett does a really good job of putting you inside the sarcophagus with him and you get a real insight into the sort of trials and tribulations faced by someone who is caught between life and death. 

Since Telemechrus spends most of his screen-time stomping through a city I've used some of the Warhammer movement trays to represent paving slabs, the foam mound will be replaced with a squished Word Bearer and I'm going to include some (by some I mean many) ammo casings made from green stuff scattered around his feet. I'm unsure how to pad out the rest of the base, I quite like the idea of some puddles (it tends to rains a lot when a planet's oceans get lanced) but I'm not sure how to go about doing this.

Since the previous post about my Master Chief inspired Reconnaissance Marine I've worked on filing the sides down and adding some greater definition to the front of the helmet. I've got some photos but to be honest it's difficult to see any real difference because the macro lens I have is pretty rubbish. I'm going to try and get him painted up over the weekend.

On the subject of painting him I am faced with an interesting opportunity with these recon marines. The fluff about the Camelioline that is used to treat their armour (giving them USR:Stealth) makes it sound like active-camoflague (like in MGS). Because of this I'd like to paint him a mid-dark grey with a Nuln Oil wash and some Ulthuan grey highlights, partly because I think this would be more suited as a basis for active-camo, partly because it will work as a sort of scorched earth camo a hell of a lot better than Ultramarines blue and also because that's the colour scheme of my Halo 4 avatar...The visor will of course by gold, that should go without saying.

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