Friday, 9 November 2012

The Next Wave

In my last post I voiced some ideas on how I should go about developing this army, should it be for looks or for playability? At the moment, I have to say I still don’t really know. Fortunately the two ideas are not mutually exclusive as there aren’t really any ugly/boring models in Forge World’s catalogue!

I’ve been pouring over the army list in Betrayal and am struck by the diversity of units available and the potential for hugely different styles of armies. You could deep strike squads of 20 Tactical Marines via Stormeagles, or bulldoze your way through the enemy lines with Spartan Assault Tanks. You could zoom around in rhinos or simply slog it out whilst laying down a hail of bolter fire by going for a trio of Contemptor dreadnaught talons…that’s nine Dreadnaughts!
Some of the squads available have so much potential for carnage that I simply have to have some. A prime example of this are Legion Seeker Squads which come in units of 10, have special issue ammunition, are BS 5 AND they can mark a squad for death (gain the USR: Preferred Enemy on that unit), I don’t have the codex in front of me but I think they can infiltrate as well…I must have some!
Whether they can infiltrate or not I would put them in a Stormeagle, this way you can dump them in front of the enemy HQ (which you’ve marked for death…), bundle out and rapid fire 20 rounds of special issue ammunition hitting on 2+, wounding on 3+ at AP3! Good luck with all those ++ armour saves! This is a bit of a no-brainer as Stormeagles are beautiful models and have been on my radar for some time – though I have heard horror stories from people who’ve tried to build them…
Since both of these are fast attack choices I have to be careful, do I go with another Storm Eagle to insert a tactical squad into battle or do I save that slot for a Jet Bike squadron? I just don’t Know!
This decision really hinges on whether I want to get a Spartan Assault Tank or not. Now, I do, I really, really do. The thing is a) massive, b) awesome and c) extremely useful. With a capacity of 25 it could ferry a full Legion Tactical squad and my command squad straight into the front lines where they could disembark, the tactical could fire 80(!) bolter rounds and then the command squad could charge into the remainders.

Another unit I love the sound of is destroyer squads which are jump infantry with access to chemical, biological and radioactive weaponry, all of it is filthy on the battlefield and would be very interesting to paint, however they don’t really sit well with my understanding of Ultramarines, they seem a bit underhanded.
I’d love to make a Predator Executioner talon (2 plasma destroyers and 1 with a conversion beamer), the Typhon Heavy Siege tank is as brutal on paper as it looks in real life and let us not forget the monstrous Fellblade…There is just so much to chose from! At the moment I’m thinking of ordering the following in the next wave (possibly around Christmas time).
  • 3 sets of MkIV armour (10 to add to the Tactical Squad and 5 for Reconnaissance Squad)
  • 2 x MkIII armour (10 man Seeker Squad)
  • 1x MkII Assault Squad (add to current Assault Squad)
  • 1x Spartan Assault Tank (for the Tactical Squad)
  • 1x Storm Eagle (for the Seeker Squad)
This will give me a real variety of models and options for army lists and in all is quite exciting, especially as I’ve recently cleared my credit card…

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