Monday, 19 November 2012

Thunderhawk Superstructure

As promised here is an update on the kit-bashed Thunderhawk...

The main superstructure is finished and it has been an absolute pig of a model to build. The biggest headache has been fixing the rhino to the rear of the Stormraven, actually that's not true, the biggest headache was having to reposition the join between the two 'ravens in order to accommodate the landing gear...5 times.

The green areas of the model are smatterings of liquid green-stuff used to fill in seams and gaps, its got so much already it might well be a Salamanders gunship by the time it's finished!

Thus far I can honestly say that it hasn't been much fun and the wing section only looks harder, but nothing worth doing is ever easy so I shall endeavour to persevere with construction.

Work is being an equally large headache at the moment so it's unlikely that I'll be able to get any more done until the weekend. This is a shame as I was really gaining some momentum before monday rolled round and gave me a good kicking. I am reminded of the following image...

I march for Macragge!


  1. And you shall know no fear!

    It's looking good so far, great work. I know from your modelling table, with all the stress frustration, it isn't easy to take view it in the same light as one chillin at his computer. But it really is looking great so far.

  2. That kit is coming together great! Also, you've won a Liebster Award! More info on my blog btw.