Sunday, 30 December 2012

40K Comics

Since getting photoshop (and an excellent modelling light for Christmas) I've been tinkering with some images and an idea came to me...40k comics.

The following are just some initial attempts but they make me chuckle, enjoy at your leisure.

Introducing Hank and Marv...

Episode 1: The problem with staples

Episode 2: Why does it do that?


  1. Cute and funnier than what I have seen on BOLS. This shows real promise.

  2. I was about to say "this made me laugh, which is more than what I've seen on BOLS" but I see the other person beat me to it. Promising, I agree. ^_^

  3. Cheers guys, I'll see what I can do!

  4. BOLS has some terribad humour. This made me chuckle - good work with photoshop too!