Saturday, 8 December 2012

Bath time!

Assault Marines taking a dip
Having found it difficult to apply undercoat to a FW dreadnaught I purchased at Gamesday I did some reading and found that lots of people wash their FW resin models in soapy water first. I can see the rational behind it but it did lead to an interesting conversation earlier today...

Fiancee: "Thanks for doing the washing up!"
Me: "No problem...yes, that's exactly what I was doing..."

I think I might have reached some sort of limit on what I'm prepared to do for the hobby here...

I have every intention of getting my 5 remaining tactical marines finished this weekend, honestly I do. They're sat at my painting table giving me incredulous looks as I've been building some Eldar Guardians for my sister-blog All that's left to paint on them are some blue highlights, the gold trim, and the bolters - oh, and basing them properly, and the eyes. But that's it. Maybe I am being a tad optimistic.

On a tenuously Calth related note I've got a rugby match later on today against a team that plays in darkish red, we play in blue - If I score a try I might well shout something the lines of "Up yours Lorgar" or "We march for Macragge!" - I'll let you know what leaps to mind.


  1. You could always mutter under your breath "No, this time we march for Calth" but it might freak people out if they don't get it. It's good the change things up don't worry about those marines. Avoiding burn out is a serious thing.

  2. I did score a 60 yard try, gave the full back the bird and swan dived over the line. No Calth related things sprang to mind so I just shouted "Woo!"