Sunday, 16 December 2012

Christmas on Calth

Christmas is fast approaching and whilst I do enjoy the festive period it is so chaotic that it is rare that I'll get much building/painting done. Normally I spend my Christmas holiday bouncing from house to house as I visit various sections of the family, we've managed to reduce this from 5 houses to 2 this year which means that I might, just might get some hobby time this year.
My Tartaros Pattern terminators have been shipped by Forge World and I expect them to be here on Wednesday which means I can get cracking on my Guilliman Conversion over the weekend, I've had some interesting advice on this from people on the blog and am looking forward to the challenge. With regards to the other 4 models in the squad I'm still unsure how to outfit them, again I've had some useful advice but any more thoughts would be appreciated.

My work was generous enough to give me a copy of CS6 (hence the photoshopped logo above) - not just any edition but the master edition if you please! Almost £3,000 of software is a nice Christmas present. This is great news because I can now start to make some of the images look a bit more interesting rather than just a plane white background we can now have ruined cityscapes, brooding skies and all sorts. I'll try and sort some out over the next few days.

I'll try and get some more posts up but if I don't (shame on me) or if you don't come back to the blog (shame on you!) then I'll wish you a Merry Christmas here and now.

...or maybe that should be a merry CALTHmas? 

maybe not.

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