Monday, 17 December 2012

Guilliman Concept

Despite my Tartaros Pattern Terminators arriving today I'm struggling to get excited. Partly because I still have a week of work left before the holidays and partly because the TPTs haven't worked out how I thought they would. Bugger.

The original plan was to use the torso from one of the TPTs as a replacement for the standard MkIV chest rig - Guilliman is massive even by space marine standards means he needs something meatier. However, the TPT torso just doesnt look right, even if it were to be trimmed down it would still look like terminator armour and that's just not what I want. So I'm back to the drawing board.

Another good rummage through my bits box has turned up some real gems that I am going to use instead. This is especially annoying as it means that I didn't actually need to buy the TPTs and could have spent the £40 on something else... *firstworldproblems*. 

The plan is to now tru-scale the torso and use some of the standard terminator arms to complete the look. I found a metal Grey Knight terminator sword arm which is sufficiently epic and a power fist from the Wolf Guard Terminators set which should do as the basis for a power claw. I've used a Space Wolf cape backpack section which will be greed-stuffed into a cloth cape and the joint between the two backpack sections will be filled with about 1-2mm of green stuff to put a bit more girth on him. I will also raise the torso up by about 2mm, clip the skull belt buckle off and sculpt it down so that the 'U' on the legs will act as a real belt buckle. 

The front of the torso poses a few more problems because the other additions don't give him any extra width across the chest. I don't really want to have to put a layer of green stuff over the frame because I don't think my sculpting is up to is but I might not have much choice. If I do go this route I will most likely file the detailing down so that it is flat and then build up from that, If anything I might even maintain the harness look as it is what the rest of my MkIV marines have on their chests. Continuity is important people! Otherwise it will be wings and a 'U' or if I'm feeling particularly skilful I might try and do some Sanguinary Guard style abs. Whatever happens I shall keep you posted.

The image below shows where the green stuff will go and how the chest might look if it were expanded (I've digitally enlarged the front of the torso) - I think it has a lot of potential though will probably give me as many headaches as the Thunderhawk did...

Here is the concept next to a warlock, I think there is a noticeable difference, what do you guys think?

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  1. I think it gives enough bulk to fool the eye and the added hight on the base will really help quite a bit too. Its a good start best of luck with the GS work, but don't rule out various kinds of plastic card to help bulk thins out too :)