Saturday, 22 December 2012

Legion Reconnaissance Squads

LRS are one of, if not my favourite unit options in Betrayal. For those who don’t have the codex, LRS are non-compulsory Troop choices that fulfill the roles of Scouts in 40k - but they have full Space Marines stats, power armour, shroud bombs (charging enemy must pass a Ld test to assault). This is all good news but the thing that I really like about them is that unlike most of the units in Betrayal, LSRs can equip each Space Marine with different wargear so you can have a veritable kill-team if you want to (Which is in fact the point of the unit...) 

Options include the standard bolter, bolt pistol and chainsword, sniper rifle, shotgun, melta bombs, cameleoline and recon (scout) armour. Whilst the unit sergeant can have artificer armour, power weapon, power fist and plasma pistol.

I love this as it creates a huge opportunity for customization, something that I’m getting the hang of. Now, I have a vision for this unit (because I absolutely must have one), that vision is from the cover of Halo Reach. 

Halo Reach was poo-pooed by a lot of people I know because they didn’t rate the story. I thought it was brilliant and want to recreate Noble Team, here is the plan...

Carter - He is the captain of Noble Team and has a DMR in the game, the closest thing to this in the LRS wargear list is the standard bolter but I’m going to give him a combi weapon, possibly combi-melta to make use of the upgrade.

Kat - In Reach she has a pistol and as she is the techie of the group I’m going to give her a Nuncio-vox. She also has a bionic arm which is available as part of the character upgrade pack from Forge World. It might be cool to try and convert her into an actual ‘her’ (boobs?) whilst I’m at it.

Jun - needs a sniper rifle, this should go without saying.

Emile - shotgun, combat knife. duh.

Jorge - This is the disappointing one because there aren’t any heavy weapon options available to LRSs, I might give him a heavy bolter and use him in a heavy support choice for battles and if I want to include him just say it’s a bolter.

To start with the unit will only have 5 models but subsequent ones will have a mixture of kit, these will fulfill the roles of Nobles Six through Ten.

In actual game terms, Noble Team costs about 150 points, is fairly unwieldy and would take some time to work through the shooting phase, I also imagine it wouldn’t last very long on the table but all of that is almost irrelevant as far as I’m concerned because if done properly they will be awesome to look at. 

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  1. Yeah, weak unit but a romp through the bits box is always super fun with these types of units.