Sunday, 2 December 2012

Painting Time!

After playing 80 minutes of a fairly fast-paced rugby match yesterday and then watching England beat the All-Blacks I was pretty shattered last night and so didn't have much time to paint before I heeded the call of the duvet. Still, I did manage to finish Captain Sydance (above) and therefore the Honour Guard which I purchased way back at the beginning of October!

Sydance (left) and his partner in crime Sullus
With the completion of the good Captain I only have Praetor Marius Gage to finish before all of my target characters have been done, apart from RG (Hurry up Forge World!) - on that note, I'm debating trying to convert my Marnaus Calgar in terminator armour into a Guilliman proxy. A lightning claw is an easy fix but finding a suitable sword might be trickier. If any one has any decent suggestions please let me know in the comments.

This morning I've made a start on my tactical squad using the same paint scheme I used for the Cataphractii. I had experimented with a can of Army Painter Ultramarine's blue but although the coverage was excellent with just a few bursts, the colour was just too bright. I'll probably use it as an undercoat for the Spear of Calth and for some Dire Avengers I've got my eye on - waste not, want not.

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