Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Roboute Guilliman Conversion

As I was rooting through my bitz box for something I inadvertently picked up the Marneus Calgar model that had been left over from the Honour Guard and a thought occurred to me...care to guess what the thought was? Well there's a clue in the title.

Forge World will make a Guilliman model, fact. I read it somewhere on the internets so it must be true. However, I doubt that this will happen anytime soon - they'll have to release another HH book for it first and the next one wont be involving the Ultramarines (Drop-site massacre anyone?) and so I'm going to need a stand-in until they get round to it.

As with everything from this project I'm taking my inspiration from Abnett's Know No Fear. Towards the end of the book there is a chapter where Guilliman goes all one-man-army on the Word Bearers and  ends up ripping a guy's heart out. In this chapter there are some brief mentions of his armour and wargear, he is said to have: 

winged helmet
power armour (polished and shiny)
power claw
bolter (with lots of artistic bling on it)

So that's what I'm going to go for though if I'm honest I have always thought of him as having a MASSIVE sword so I might deviate from Abnett's description on that one. Now Guilliman is a Primarch and as a result is bigger than the average Space Marine. This is a bit of a problem because despite the fluff, most of the models in the GW range are of a similar(ish) size. This means that I might need to try something known as 'true-scaling' which looks horrendously complicated and basically involves padding out a model to make it bigger and in proportion. There are websites out there that sell pre-scaled pieces but I don't fancy that. I also don't want to spend ages fiddling with green-stuff because I know it will end up looking average at best. No, the solution is going to be a kit bash as I'm not bad at those (Thunderhawk anyone?)

What I'm essentially going to try and do is turn a suit of terminator armour into power armour so Guilliman will look like he's just a more hench version of a Space Marine and not simply bigger by virtue of his wargear. I've started gathering bits in order to do this (see below). 

My starting point will be the bottom half of the Calgar model. The base is cool and will help raise Guilliman off the deck, this will give him some stature by default. The legs are covered in Ultramarines detailing. They are however terminator armour (TA) and so need a bit of work. One of the key differences between terminator armour and power armour (PA) are the support lines that run up the back of the legs (along the calf and hamstring). On PA these are just smooth but they are clearly defined in TA. With a pair of clippers and a file it was easy to remove these support lines and with a bit of green-stuff filler these are an easy fix.

So far so good.

Weaponry shouldn't pose too much of a problem either because I've got enough swords, claws and bolters of varying sizes lying around to pick ones that will look right. I'm tempted to make a custom powerclaw based on an image I've seen (but can't find anymore :/ ) but that might be a lot of work for little return. At the moment I'm thinking about using a Cataphractii power claw.

The biggest problem is going to be the torso. This is going to be a problem because a regular MkIV torso looks ridiculous on top of the TA legs but the Clagar torso is of a post-heresy suit of armour and would therefore not work either. I was leaning towards the Cataphractii torso but again I think it is a bit too terminator-ey to work. So what do I do?? Well, how about this guy...

When I first saw Tartaros pattern TA I thought they were really boring. However since this mini-project has been bubbling away in my brain I've started to see their potential. Of all the TA suits it is the closest to PA with it's smoother lines and less chunky form which means that with a bit of work it will be a neat fix. It does seem a bit excessive to spend £36 for a torso but I might well convert the other 4 into a command squad or donate them to one of my other armies. The back of the model even has half a PA back pack sculpted on, result!

This leaves me with the helmet which has to be winged, it just has to be. This could be where the Tartaros armour falls down because the helmet is recessed in the armour and a winged helmet wouldn't fit/be practical. I could trim back the recess to give the helmet more room and then sculpt the wings on using green-stuff or, use a bare face and have the helmet clipped onto the armour's belt. This is a daunting prospect as I really want it (the project) to look cool and not half-arsed. If you have any thoughts, tips or tricks on how I could go about doing any of this project please let me know in the comments box below.

For Macragge!


  1. Kabuki Models, Hitech Miniatures and Scibor Monstrous Miniatures all make some very primarch-esque looking models. If it's got to be a GW bits box kit bash, check From the Warp for truscaling tips and working with GS Ron has some great stuff. Also, look to other ranges like the plastic Warriors of Chaos which have bigger torsos than normal marines. I think you are crazy but I also love these kinds of projects so go for it!

    1. WoC...wish I'd thought of that before I'd bought the Tartaros terminators! Cheers for the points of reference, very helpful!

  2. You might want to consider using another Honour Guard helmet for this. 'Winged' doesn't only mean sprouting from the top of the head like a Dark Angels Captain. Adding an extra crest to the top of the helmet would add extra height and play up the Ultramarines' Roman/Greek stylings. You'll still need to trim back the 'collar' running behind/over the head but it should save you some trouble overall.

    1. I had thought about that but compared with the rest of the model, the helmets look too small...I might well use them as inspiration though. I like the idea of the crest, might be worth investigating - I've used it on my Assault Marine sergeant.