Monday, 10 December 2012

Tactical Squad

Finishing squads is always something I find a bit tiresome, there's something about the factory line process of painting batches of models that can be a bit tedious. However the efficiency of this process means that there really isn't much in the way of a viable alternative - particularly if you have large quantities to get through!

The more eagle eyed amongst you will notice that technically this squad isn't usable because it has two sergeants in it...yes you are correct. This was a forced error on my part. I wanted to build sergeant Thiel and my custom reconnaissance marine (see earlier post) but only had one spare model. This isn't a problem because at the moment I don't have a legal army (or an opponent for that matter) however, once the January pay cheque is in the bank I will be picking up another pack of Mk IVs and getting on with finishing the reconnaissance squad.

I'm looking forward to building this squad because I'm going to do my best to customise them individually. I'm using Halo Reach as my inspiration and am going to model each reconnaissance marine in a personal rig using plasti card, green stuff and stuff from my bitz box. The idea being that the squad will be a dynamic addition to the army that will be more for looks that battlefield prowess. From my understanding of Betrayal, 5 man squads won't last long, even if they are stealthy snipers...

These are all future plans and before I get to them I have an entire 10 man Assault Squad to build! Hooray!

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