Saturday, 29 December 2012

Tartaros Terminators

I am still here, honest. It's been a few days since I added anything to the blog, partly because of Christmas at my grandparents but mostly because I've been building many, many Eldar in preparation for 2013. You can check these out at 

Despite this I have found the time to continue my work on the Guilliman conversion (in the Black Library pic above shouting "I'm fabulous!") and finish building my Tartaros pattern terminators. These were quite fiddley to begin with and made me think yet again that Forge World really should supply instructions with some of their kits...that or I should just think things through a bit more.

I am planning on making this squad an alternative command squad to be used in support of Guilliman (who will use Horus profile until he gets his own) But there is an area of confusion over how they need to be outfitted. The army list entry for a command squad states that there are 2 chosen legionnaires and a banner bearer, all of whom can be upgraded to wear terminator armour. The problem is whether a banner should be classed as wargear or not. My thinking is no because even though you're giving him Terminator armour, he is still designated as a banner bearer and has his own stat line, though the upgrade says replace ALL wargear with terminator armour, power weapon and combo-bolter - is the banner wargear or not? Your thoughts are appreciated.

Regardless of how it will work in game terms I have decided to stick a banner on one of them anyway. This was left over from the MkIV command squad pack and with a bit of filing and clipping fits quite neatly around a power fist, it does obscure his face a bit but that's a minor irritation and I will let you make your own minds up about whether it works or not.

I'll be back with more news as it comes.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.

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