Thursday, 20 December 2012

The Battles of Calth

I enjoy playing narrative missions considerably more than standard 'army vs army' slug fests, there's just something more emotive and compelling about these kind of fights. The LOTR SBG did this really well and I loved reliving the Fellowship's flight through the Mines of Moria or Boromir's last stand on Amon Hen. Know No Fear provides plenty of opportunities for the creation of narrative missions and I am going to add a page that is dedicated to just that.

I would like to point out that Scenario 1: Those who cheat death

Eikos Lamiad and Telemechrus must fight their way through the ruins of Calth to link up with the fragmented Ultramarine forces and lead the defence of Calth. Between them and their battle-brothers lies a seizable force of traitors who are hell-bent on destroying every Ultramarine they find.

Attacking Forces:
Praetor Eikos Lamiad (Master crafted paragon blade, bolt pistol, Artificer Armour, Iron Halo)
Contemptor Dreadnaught Telemechrus (Assault Cannon, Dreadnaught close combat weapon with heavy flamer).

Defending Forces:
400-1,000 points of Legion Troop choices (depending on how hard/cinematic you want to make the battle for the Ultramarines).

Attackers - exit the board through defenders deployment zone
Defenders - prevent the attacking characters from exiting the board

Victory Conditions:

  • Attacker's Victory - both Lamiad and Telemechrus make it off the board
  • Draw - only one of the Attacking characters makes it off the board
  • Defenders Victory - none of the Attacking Characters make it off the board
  • Bragging rights - Attacker does not lose any wounds or Hull points

Deployment and Special Rules:
Scenario is played on a 4'x4' board with plenty of ruined urban terrain.
Because of the fog of war, Night Fighting is in effect for the first turn
At the beginning of the game the defender may only place D3 units on the table. The rest are held in reserve. Attackers always get the first turn.

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