Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Dark Elves Army List

I mentioned before Christmas that I'm participating in my local store's 6 month project to build a 1,500 point army. I chose Dark Elves, largely because I want to try and get into fantasy and because Dark Elves look pretty nasty! The DE hold a special place in my heart because a looooong time ago I inadvertently won a signed copy of their 4th edition battle book. GW were randomly handing out signed copies to people who bought something on line and they chose me that particular month.

Yesterday I built and painted my Executioners, it was quite a task but once I caught my rhythm the whole process took about 4 hours. They aren't display cabinet standard but they do look good enough for the tabletop.

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Ultramar Auxilia

The Ultramarines are not the only loyalist force that make an appearance in Know No Fear, the Ultramar Auxilia (local Imperial Guard regiments) make a goods dhow of them selves - in fact a sergeant of the Auxilia makes the first loyalist kill of the Battle of Calth! 

This is going to be the inspiration for my Imperial Guard army. Today I've finished building my starter force of a Veteran Squad in a Chimera, Hellhammer and Lord Commissar. They've been under coated and are ready for painting, though they are in a queue behind some Dark Elves...

I've made good use of some of the FW conversion kits to make my veterans. The Cadian Hostile Enviornment kits give the troops a more solid, technical appearance befitting specialist veterans. The melta squad upgrade will give them some serios firepower, especially when bundling out of a Chimera. I've given them the Grenadiers perk (so they are a bit more durable) and the sergeant has a power fist. It's quite a cheep unit (just under 200 points) and would make quite a good Kill-Team, especially given the new restrictions on unit numbers and armour saves!

Moving onto the colour scheme, I want to incorporate some ultramarine blue onto the armour, particularly at least one of the shoulders and the helmet. I found a picture on deviant art which looks quite good (see below) but I want to make it a more gritty look. I'm not going for black like in the picture but I'm undecided whether to go for urban grey rubble or a more earthy look. I think the Ultramar Auxilia would be more tank and equipment orientated what with them being really well equipped from all the worlds of the realm. As a result I would see them as a more an open plaines cavalry type force, so I suppose the earthy colours would be better...however, a brown baneblade isn't particularly appealing! I'll leave it for now and worry about it when I finally get round to painting them.

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Holiday Goodies!

Merry Christmas to you all!

My to twitter feed has been alive with people's GW/FW gifts, it seems like they've had a rip-roaring time of it this year!

Myself? I did pretty well, it was the first time I put up a wish list which helped. Santa sent me...
Sicaron battle tank
MkIV squad
Tyrannic War Veterans
Vulkan Lives
Thousand Sons

Lord knows when I'll get round to sorting them all out, my Eldar from last Christmas are still only about 1/3 done and I just ordered a load of IG...thankfully(?) money is a bit tight for a few months now so my wild spending days are to be curtailed, at least until September. But that's no bad thing.

Hope you enjoy playing with your new shinies people!


Codex: Inquisition was released a few weeks ago and whilst I picked it up at the time I've only now had a chance to go through it properly. As usual the narrative is interesting  and it's great to add a bit more fluff to the universe. The artwork is spectacular and the book is worth getting just for that. The rules however are a tad uninspiring. They are lifted straight out of C:GK and bar access to wargear there isno real distinction between the different branches of the Inquisition. This seems like a bit of a wasted opportunity and leaves me a bit underwhelmed.

I'm especially annoyed that the wargear on FW's Inquisitor Rex isn't a viable option! I have to use the IA rules which sort of defeated the point of buying the codex in the first place...I blame the Alpha Legion.

Anyway, here is my inquisitor, he is nearly done and no, that is not his base...

Monday, 23 December 2013

In store, tale of gamers

My local store (and in fact most UK stores as far as I can tell) is running a 6 month project scheme. You are supposed to buy, build and paint 250points per month in an effort to get a 1,500 point list finished by the end. I've gone for Dark Elves and although initially it was fine (painting special characters is easy to do over a weekend) I've come unstuck with the Fantasy blob issue...

I can set aside a bit of time here and there to paint one or two models but painting 20 Executioners is going to take me a long old time, let alone the 40 Black Ark Corsairs I need to buy next month...this isn't main stumbling block with WHFB and is one I'm not sure how to overcome - bar playing Ogres.

My list so far stands as:

Dread lord on Coldone
10 Executioners
5 Coldone Knights
10 Black Ark Corsairs.

The plan into add some sisters of slaughter, bolt throwers and some dark shards for moral support.

I'll keep you posted.


Despite the furore that it has caused I've only just picked up a copy of Escalation and I find it quite intriguing. I can appreciate why the nay-Sayers are up in arms about it - it's new and that's scary - but it looks like good fun. I think this idea gets a bit lost at times, this is a GAME and it's supposed to be FUN allowing you to have a bit of a LAUGH. The best games I've played, or rather the most fun I've  had have usually involved me getting tabled. People need to stop taking it all quite so seriously! If there were mega £££ to be earned winning tournaments then fair enough but as far as I know, there aren't so please people, relax.

Anyway. I've gone ahead and ordered some IG in readiness for getting into Escalation. If rumours are true then Guard are next after Tyrannids. I've been holding off on starting a guard army for a while because I knew they we due for a revamp so I've started small...sort of.

Lord Commissar
Command Squad (FW hostile environment set)
Shock Troops (with FW Cadian hostile environment upgrade and melta squad upgrade)
Baneblade (think I'm going to use it as a hellhammer)

I'm going to make up lots of mechanised veterans and storm troopers in valkyries with Leman Russ' in support of the Hell hammer, because you know, tanks.

Kill Team - £7.99!?

Ive said it before many times, but I love kill team. For someone who doesn't have 3 hours on a regular basis to knock out a big game of 40k, KT scratches that itch just right. My record is hit and miss, I tend to go more for fluff than playability but I still love it. 

As part of their Christmas season, GW have just released an ipad edition of the Kill Team rules. It looks pretty slick but is priced at £7.99... This seams a lot to me especially as it's only 31 pages (26 after you remove the index and legal bits). I appreciate that iBooks are time consuming to make - I've made several revision guides for my students and they take hours to do properly - but still, £7.99 seems a bit steep. 

I've had a similar issue with some of the other Christmas digital releases. Yes it's only 99p and that's not much but these stories are only about 8 pages long! (1,000 words) maybe I'm just being tight fisted but I'd have hoped that GW could have got into the festive spirit and given these away for free, If you buy all of the little things they've released so far you'd have spent over £50...

Anyways, Merry Christmas!

Macragge's Honour

Black Library are releasing a print-to-order HH Graphic novel based on the Ulramarine's flag ship during the battle of Calth. It looks fairly impressive and I am sorely tempted. I went ona bit of a rant about collectors editions some time ago and I'm pretty sure this falls into the "unnecessary but I want it" category. 

It is an interesting business model that BL are using with this product. By selling it for a limited time (deadline is 08/01/14) they only produce enough for the orders that are placed. There is a ten week manufacturing time (which is long even by GWs standards) and I'm undecided as to whether to pick up a copy (I recently bought a van - it's blood angels red). Are you guys getting one?

Friday, 6 December 2013

Lorgar for Christmas?

Recently I've been on a bit of a Black Library binge, since October I've gone through about six books and am finally getting up to speed on a lot of the Heresy backstory. Typically, after reading each book I want to start an army that reflects the characters in it, reading Betrayer made me want some World Eaters, Fulgrim made me buy Fulgrim, Deliverence Lost started my 40k Raven Guard and of course Know No Fear is what started this whole process off in the first place!

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Battles of Calth II

My previous post 'Battles of Calth' has spiked in interest in recent weeks so I thought I'd put up a second scenario for consideration.

The Honour of Maccragge:

On board the Ultramarine's flagship, the Word Bearers have unleashed a demonic incursion. A rag tag group of Loyal Astartes have to fight their way to the bridge in the hope of regaining control. Taking characters and wargear from the novel help make this scenario more dynamic or you could just pick a force from the options listed below:

Castellum Stronghold

Just released from FW is the Castellum Stronghold. The basic board is £90 and is full of detail. I met the designer at the HH weekender and saw the initial mockup, his intention was to allow chapter rhino doors to be used to denote legion specific bases. I don't know whether this has translated into the finished thing but it sounded like a cool idea. 

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Why did I buy HH: Massacre?

Let me start by saying that Massacre part 1 is a spectacular book, brilliantly written and top quality print - just as good as book 1.

However, having had it for the past week I'm not sure why I bought it...I say this because although there is a lot of interesting fluff, in terms of actual rules there aren't more than 2, maybe 3 models in the list that I might actually use (Fell Glaive and the Sicaran). I thought the Fire Raptor was in there but I suppose that was my own fault for not checking. The 4 Legions have some cool rules (Night Lords are very cool) but with FW being the cost that it is, at the moment I can't see me starting up another force to make use of them any time soon.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

30k Ravenguard-Exclusive Flyer?

Last spring when I went to Nottingham for the first Horus Heresy Weekender I was sat in the 'Preview of a massacre' seminar when I heard this during a Q&A session with Alan Merrit (head of IP)...

Q:Will we be seeing Stormbirds?
A: There are lots of different variants of these used by different legions and we are going to try and do one or maybe two, it won't be to scale relative to Thunderhawks. It won't be for a while though. However there is a new flyer coming in.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Using FW in regular 40k

There seems to be a lot of rumour and conjecture circulating the web at the moment as to the wording of recent updates from FW regarding its use in normal games of 40k. Specifically about whether you need your opponent's permission or not.

I was always led to believe and in fact always played that you could use FW in normal games with your opponent's permission but that this was something of a gentlemen's agreement - you should always ask, and they should always say yes. This was a fair enough system because if someone said no they were usually a prick and one of those pedantic sticklers who are the worst type of person to play against - they would always point to the fact that FW isn't allowed at official events and therefore wasn't legal outside of IA campaigns.

Now it seems to be that you simply need to tell your opponent what the rules are BEFORE the match. This is fine too so I'm really not sure what the fuss is about. Maybe it's an exclusivity thing as FW is expensive, maybe it's seen as 'the rich get richer' - we can buy the fancy toys. Yes, maybe but those fancy toys have an associated points cost so there is a trade off. It's about as balanced as you can get in an evolving game system.

Honestly, I don't know what the fuss is about, clarity is here now, isn't it? From GW point of view maybe it's about pushing FW stuff. I'm often hesitant to buy things outside of the Horus Heresy series because I don't want to have that awkward moment where an opponent says "No." Now that problem has gone! So will I blaze £300 on some of the flashy Eldar toys? Quite possibly...if I don't spend it on Fire Raptor's instead.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

What to do with spare space marines

Currently sat in a box on my desk are a cluster of half built models who currently have no real purpose. I had thought to do an Ultramarines successor chapter called the Scions of Calth but that has lost its appeal after a bit of a faff trying to paint them in literal bits (rather than as a whole) and then sticking them together. This was more trouble than it was worth and has been abandoned as a concept.

So what do I do now?

The force currently consists of:

Techmarine with servitors
10 Sternguard
10 Vanguard
20 Tactical Marines

Before we go any further, please bare in mind that I already have the following armies - admittedly in various states of paintedness

2,500pts Carcharadons
1,750pts Raven Guard
1,500pts Celestial Lions (Imperial Fists)
1,500pts Ultramarines
600pts White Scars

It seems to me that Iron Hands would be a solid bet but I've already got 2 all-black armies (I've got a 2,000 point Death Company army knocking around somewhere) and I'm not sure I can manage a 3rd. My local store manager suggested Crimson Fists because you can have Sternguard as scoring units but my Celestial Lions already have the same chapter tactics. Salamanders are something I haven't touched upon but because I'd rather do them as 30k (I've got the new HH book coming on Monday) and all the cloaks and tabard so you get on the Sternguard aren't very reflective of the 'world of fire' thing they have going on.

If you had these minis on your desk, what would you do?

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Whatever happened to Hank & Marv?

Remember them? The unfortunate chaos cultists caught up in a galaxy that just doesn't care...nothing? Well that's a shame but also largely my fault. Fear not though, they will be making a resurgence in the coming weeks, especially as it's getting dark and cold outside.

Rather than turning out comics (which is surprisingly time consuming) I'm going to start doing a one/two panel 'thought for the day' which should allow me to produce them on a more regular basis. There are also plans for a 'live action' version using stop capture animation but that is definitely a long way off. In the mean time I'm going to leave you with my favourite comic...

Enjoy and keep your eyes out for more!

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

World Eaters?

For a variety of reasons from Ofsted to rugby my hobby has been put on the back burner recently. However, time once again is to hand and I should be able to get some progress made on various bits and pieces.

But first, a dilemma...

I'm currently reading Galaxy in Flames by Ben Counter (a very good book indeed) and am once again finding myself drawn towards an Istvaan based army. The problem is I don't know which way to turn! The loyalist story is tragic and filled with interesting characters but the traitors get all the cool toys. From a hobby perspective it makes sense to buy the models you love, the problem is is that the characters I love don't have the tanks and jet bikes that I want to buy.

That said, there is a scene in GiF where Angron emerges from a Thunderhawk that is tempting me to go to the World Eaters. Angron is an interesting character. At face value he is quite simple - brutal, aggression, violent but once you get past that there is a tormented soul in there, one who feels guilt at not dying with his fellow gladiator-slaves, resentment at having to follow any master (not just the Emperor) and dare I say it, honour. The reason Angron goes down to the Choral City is to put an end to those who followed him in a fitting way, not through cowardly orbital bombardments or chemicals but face to face, personal combat. I like that, I can relate to that, sort of. At my old job it was all about indirectly dealing with issues, emails to superiors or other staff, niggling comments and back stabbing (it reminded me of Game of Thrones) but I prefer the more face to face way of settling things...not necessarily using violence mind.

So do I take the plunge and start some World Eaters? Well I'm still undecided but it is my birthday next month so hopefully the gaming coffers will be filled. If I do I'm going to start by recreating that scene, 

10 rampagers
Storm Eagle (...I can't afford a Thunderhawk)
Cataphractii with chain axes.

Or Salamanders, I might do Salamanders.

Friday, 20 September 2013


Last night I was sat in bed trying to decide what I was going to order from Forge World for collection at Gamesday (deadline is Friday for those who are interested) and it occurred to me that there was about £200 in my basket. I've spoken a bit recently about how much I spend on my hobby and I'd say its still £4£ better value than a cinema trip or even some video games I've bought over the years (Duke Nukem Forever anyone?). However, I wonder how much better that money could be spent? 

If everyone who reads this page matched whatever they spent on their hobby over the weekend and gave that to a charity, any charity, how much would we raise? Hundreds, thousands? This blog gets between 100-200 hits a day, it's not beyond the realms of possibility. What if we matched it for a month? How much good could we do then? 

I don't want to come across as preachy or anything because we all have priorities but if I can shell out £200 on resin maybe I should stump up some money for some one like Cancer Research UK or Help4Heroes. Maybe you could too.


Saturday, 7 September 2013

Codex Space Marines First Impression

It's pretty good.

There is some truly fantastic artwork in this book - I especially like the graphic of the centurions, it's a shame it didn't translate into the models! The narratives are good, there seems to be a bit more of a two-minutes-to-midnight feel of desperation in the texts hitch is more in keeping with the more gritty and panicked feel of the recent stories/fluff. 

I've got the digital version and the interactivity and quick links are great though there is one major problem with it...THE FORCE REQUISITION FUNCTION IS MISSING!! This is a proper kick in the teeth as I was really looking forward to this. At the moment I can find no explanation as to why but I take solace in the fact that its not just me. I hope this was as genuine mistake or they are holding it back to fix some bugs and they've not chucked it altogether. This was the only thing that justified the price tapas far as I was concerned.

If anyone out there in the blogosphere knows anything about this please let me know!

Friday, 6 September 2013

Scions of Calth

Despite having to go back to work for the first time in 6 weeks I've been mulling over some fluff and a new colour scheme for my new budgeted project the Scions of Calth. I also received a call from TripleHelixWargames saying that my order had been dispatched and should be here tomorrow - shame I had it sent to work really!

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Collaborative Project - Tale of X Gamers

With the advent of the new Space Marine codex I am, once again starting a new Space Marine army. This will be my forth codex army and seventh in power armour (I also have BA, SW & DA). I'm justifying this partly because with Chapter Tactics the codex is essentially 6-in-1. From rumours etc I've read it means that you can tailor each force to suit your play style, as I don't really play all that much it's just an excuse to paint different armies up.

Monday, 2 September 2013

More addictive than crack?

"Hi everyone, my name is err, 'Tiberius' and I'm an addict. I know this because I count the cost of other things like groceries and petrol in terms of tactical squads and razorbacks - Shall I have a beer after work? Hmmm, no I need those pots of Nuln Oil for my Carcharodons. If I'm going to a new place I'm online looking to see if there is a store where I can go and score some plastic, (or even Finecast if that's all they have :/ ) I spend more on this than I do on food, it's destroying my social life though thankfully not my marriage...yet."

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Codex Space Marines: Enhanced Edition

I'm a big fan of digital codexes, I've got three and they're great. Being able to tap an item and have it's rules pop up is neat, as are the rules updates. What I'm even more excited by is the new Codex SM - why? Two words: Force Requisition

Now to me this sounds very much like an army list builder you can use WITHIN the codex! I'm not getting my hopes too high but that would be awesome! I was planning on getting a collectors edition but for £70 I think that's a bit much, plus I think this will be immense.

If you don't have an ipad yet - go buy one, then buy this. You can thank me later.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Armies on Parade

I don't plan on going to Gamesday this year. I went last year and it was fine but, bar queuing and then buying a load of stuff from FW I covered much of the rest of what was on offer quite quickly. Yes there was some cool thins to look at but I was left feeling a bit...meh about the experience. That said, if I were to say win a ticket via Armies on Parade then that'd change things considerably...

Saturday, 3 August 2013

What I Want from the 6thEd C:SM


According to Natfka and other rumour mills, Codex: Space Marines is lined up for September. Now, being a big collector of SM this pleases me greatly. This post is going to be a bit of a wish list for things that I want to see in the new codex:

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Celestial Lions and Carcharadons

In a moment of inspiration I've made the foolish decision to start 2 new SM armies...why? Because of White Dwarf, that's why...

This month I was struck by the excellent image of Chaplain Grimaldus and an unknown Celestial Lion fighting back to back against some Orks. Celestial Lions have a cool back story (have a read on the 40k wiki if you've got a spare moment) I even purchased ADB's novella about then (also worth a read!).

Their armour is gold and blue which poses a problem. Gold is quite an ostentatious colour and I'm concerned they'll look too gaudy if not done Well. I've ordered some more Valejo Air metallics to help me out in this and I'll get some pics up soon.

The other development is on my old C:SM armies have been consolidated into two sets. My Carcharodons now make up the bulk and have been reinforced with a Land Raider, 2 Storm Talons, Assault Squad and two terminator squads. The rest of the army is made up of tactical squads and scouts whilst almost all of my jump pack marines are in a box waiting for the widely rumoured Raven Guard supplement for the new Codex: SM. 

Carcharodons are a speed painting wet dream as they don't really do embellishments or excessive detail according to the fluff. That said, I've done some free hand sharks on their shoulder pads which take a bit of time...

I'm on my summer break now (love being a teacher at times) and as my fiancée is now at work I've got loads of hobby time ahead of me!

Celestial Lions
Grey Knights
maybe get in WHFB...

I'll put some pictures up later.

Friday, 12 July 2013

Man-cave and Carcharodons

I bought house recently and managed to persuade my fiancée to let me have the 3rd bedroom as a man-cave. It's a work in progress but this is what I've managed to sort out so far...

The move out of London has meant I have a but more spare cash so I've treated myself to some more goodies. Despite offering 30% discount, I won't be ordering from TotalWargammer again. It was 5 weeks to deliver my new Eldar and even then my rangers and Illic Nightspear were left out. As such I've gone back to triplehelix wargamming. I was flicking through the Badab wars books and was rather taken by the Carcharodons - as such in going to knock out a force using bits from the Flesh Tearers army I was piecing together. I bought a Land Raider, 2 storm talons, a tactical squad and some assault terminators as well as Tyberus from FW. It comes in at about 1750pts with my scavenged bits.

Below is the Crusader that in going to use as a command vehicle...

I know it's another SM army but there wasn't much else that took my fancy at the moment! 

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Rotor Cannons!

Here is the first of the latest batch of Ultramarines.

There might not be a few more for a couple of days/weeks. I'm moving house next week and everything is being put into boxes - I've managed to keep my fiancée away from that particular part of the office...thus far and I don't want to leave it too late and let all my hard work get hurled in with the crockery! Not that she'd ever do that...

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Eternal Crusade - New 40K MMO

At E3 this afternoon there was a surprise announcement of a 40k MMO for next gen consoles and PC. The name? Etetnal Crusade. 

It seems that you chose 1 of 4 races (SM, CSM, Ork and Eldar) and have to battle for territory on a planet. Sadly it's not going to be here for a while - 2015 to be exact...

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Works in Progress: Terminators, rotor cannons and Scouts

Having finally got the hang of my airbrush and with some tips picked up from the HH Weekender, I have been churning through my armies getting them based, layered and highlighted.Yesterday was a Dark Angels binge, the day before that was my Mymeara style Eldar, the previous Weekend had been Emperor's Children (and Fulgrim)...today, finally, I managed to get round to my Ultramarines.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Horus Hersey Weekender

This is a plug, largely due to Faeit 212 being back on line (hooray!) reminding you all to have a look at the bevy of posts I uploaded live for, the HH Weekender not so long ago

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Nathaniel Garro

He has been sat on my shelf for a while now but having one the local conversion competition for my Eikos Lamiad kit bash I got to choose next month's theme - I went with Black Library and set to work. I'm pretty chuffed with the results, I used some of the tips I picked up at the HH Weekender (especially on the Plague Bearer head) and it all seems to come together nicely. Hopefully I'll get another win to add to the 1st place I got in April for my Tau Commander, the 1st for Lamiad and a 3rd place for my High Elf Sun Mage.

Friday, 24 May 2013

Last Man Standing!

At the Horus Heresy Weekender there was an open game in the evening called 'Last Man Standing'. I missed it because it was late on and I wasn't staying at the hotel but I took a snap of the rules (see below). It's basically a death match between X number of players, each of whom takes control of a single basic Tactical Space Marine from one of the founding legions. They can be equipped with any of the optional s available to a tactical marine (including heavy/special but not sergeant only upgrades like plasma pistols). 

The choice of legion is important because each one has a different effect on the basic stat line, for instance Death Guard get +1 Toughness whilst Space Wolves get +1 Attack.  So think carefully about your style of play before you enter the arena! 

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Monday, 20 May 2013

Seminar 4: The Legions

The Legions - How each legion has its own characters
With Nick Kyne, James Swallow, Rob Sanders, Gav Thorpe

A structured and then open Q&A session

What legion do you represent the most and how do you make it different?
Raven Guard and Dark Angels. The story is how the legions change and how they are affected by the things around them. The raven guard are trying to stone to themselves for the shame of defeat. Trying to make a difference for the emperor. The dark angels is a lot more complex. Is about loyalty, where it lies and how it is tested. I focus on their organisation, wargear, and stuff devised by their Primarchs and allies. We can be a bit more adventurous in creating kit because most of it has been lost by the time of 40k. The story is all about the development of the founding legions and how that story has developed over ten thousand years.
Corax was the saviour of the Deliverance Raven Guard, the embodiment of the ideals of the great crusades. He was raised amongst them but raised above them. The lion has never really been one of them, he has been set apart. He tries to relate to them but he's so different, he had to learn differently. Corax was raised by political ideals, the lion by a need for survival. The RG are very down to earth - they are beefed up tunnel rats and have a very pragmatic relationship with their primarch whereas the dark angels are more customer and traditional.

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Picture Drop: Display boards and FW painted minis

These are some of the models on display in the Armorium where the FW guys were hiding. Again, I'll try and get some better resolution ones up when I get back to my computer.

Assorted legion minis

Picture drop: Things to come

The following photos were snapped in the model showcase room, these pictures don't really do them justice but needless to say we've got some pretty tasty toys coming!

Mechanicum: Legio Cybernetica Magos Dominus 

Picture Drop: Fulgrim Pre-release photos

These photos are taken from the event brochure and show various angles of Fulgrim, including a close up of the scenic base. When I get home I'll scan these in and try and get some better quality ones.

Seminar 3: Preview of a Massacre

With Tony Cotteral, Alan Bligh and John French

Book 2 is Written (mostly) by Alan but helped by John, we might even get further than book 2!

What's in the book?
Part two of the first trilogy (Betrayal, Massacre part 1&2) they will be self contained trilogies in terms of rules for legions etc. FYI these 'trilogies' might be sets of two, three or four...

Focussing on the drop site massacre. The book contains the narrative of the loyalist's surprise attack on the 3 traitors, they get repulsed and then are betrayed by their reinforcements. This is set over the course of a day and lots of people, including the primarch Ferrus Manus, die. This is one of the largest battles ever known involving 7 legions, titans and the mechanicum. It's a big battle so needs to have two books. The first of the books covers the early stage of the battle.

Seminar 2: Models of the Horus Heresy

There aren't going to be any pictures with this because the models shown in this seminar are strict WIPs and we were told this was not allowed...But I'll do my best to describe them!

Seminar 1: History of the Heresy

First seminar Origins of the Heresy with Graham McNeill, Dan Abnett, Alan Bligh and Allen Merrit (head of GW IP). This seminar is not a history of the heresy as such but more a history of the product. The idea of the heresy is 25 years old this year.

Please note: This isn't a verbatim transcript, just my summary of what was said!

The Heresy is first mentioned in chapter approved, september 1988 on pp.13, a small paragraph in the bottom right hand corner...Allan Merrit who was there at the time tells us that the reason for this fist appearance was there was a gap on the page - written by Rick Priestly, totally off the cuff. It was viewed as 'pretend history' for 40k, it was birthed to fill an awkward gap on a page...it also has a typo!

The Madness begins!

I arrived at the venue, the rather swanky Nottingham Belfry after a dubious journey round Nottingham's roundabouts. I arrived a full 2 hours before the scheduled start time and was probably one of the last to arrive.

We're given a lanyard and a little back pack with the eye of horus on it as well as a special eye of horus die. We then scrambled for models before joining a rather lengthy queue. I managed to get my hands on the new Fulgrim the Illuminator model (which looks awesome) though they were sadly only 1 per person. I also bought a copy of Fulgrim which I'm hoping I can get the author to sign as well as the Davinite Lodge Priest.

I am currently sat in the bar, in 10 minutes the first seminar is due to begin...check back for updates as and when things are revealed! But for now, enjoy these images...

Friday, 17 May 2013

Horus Heresy Weekender Preview

Tomorrow is the start of the first (and no doubt soon to be annual) Horus Heresy Weekender and yours truly is going to be very much in attendance!

I've been quite excited about this event since it was announced a few months ago. I wasn't all that surprised that GW out the event on as 30K is clearly a very lucrative line that goes beyond the remit of 'specialist game'. Having only ever been to a biomedical conference before this (FYI, I was an ultrasound model) I'm not really sure what to expect. There are seminars, lectures and signings - usual stuff  plus demonstrations and participative stuff which intrigues me. Tickets were advertised as "extremely limited" but only sold out last week having been on the FW homepage for a long time so I have no idea how many people will be there. The full range of HH stuff will be on sale plus some new (Fulgrim!!!) and exclusive (Davin cultist) models as well as the usual one of t-shirts, prints and novellas. I'd been meaning to save up a wad of cash to blow on stuff but I just spent £750 on a puppy and £200,000 on a house so I'm not exactly flush with cash at the moment...still, that's what credit cards are for.

I will be taking notes all weekend and in NATFKA's continued absence I'll see if I can get some juicy gossip for my followers, all thirty-something of you.

If there is anything you want me to keep an eye out for, please drop me a message or send me a tweet using @Calthburns or #CBHHW

Sunday, 12 May 2013


Macragge is a civilised culture and I can see them having a wealth of stories from the days of yore, stories of magic and monsters, heroes and villains. I see artisans and scholars working together to bring these stories to life, perhaps in miniature fashion for two or more players aged 12+...it would prove a useful tool for gauging tactical acumen in the recruits or a past time for commanders on their long transits through the warp...

Okay it's not the best Segway but it will do. I have recently been struck by shiny model syndrome and have bought the new High Elf armies book and a dragon. I don't play fantasy but I'm interested in getting to grips with the game,  as such I'm looking to you, Internet to offer me some sage council.

The plan at the moment is to do a Caledor/Chrace themed force. I've got a Dragon Mage but that's it. I was going to start off with the new battalion set (20 spearmen, 8 silver helms, 20 archers and a chariot) but am sort of stuck as to where to go next. Magic is something I'm keen to use a lot of but I want to make life quite simple, at least to begin with.

I don't want to over reach myself, I personally think fantasy is harder to paint than 40k (it seems fiddler and there's a lot more of them needed to get a decent game going!) so I was looking at around 2,000 points. Now, the following is about 1,500 points

Loremaster of Hoeth
Dragon Mage
36 spearmen
20 archers
8 silver helms
Lion Chariot of Chrace

I think this is a solid base with which to build around. The archers can be split into two units of ten to give me some ranged options, the dragon gives me manoeuvrability and a bit of fire power whilst the spearman are fairly solid in these big numbers. Lastly the chariot and silver helms can cover my flanks. The question is, what next?

I need something to hide the loremaster in. In this month's battle report he was in a unit of Phoenix Guard and this seemed to have worked well. I don't really like the fluff of Phoenix Guard - I much prefer the fluff of White Lions but I'm not sure how the loremaster would fare in this unit. A unit of 20 of either is much of a muchness in terms of points. This would leave me with a bit left (200 or so) for something else...maybe a unit of dragon princes or an eagle bolt thrower.

Basically, what do you guys think?

Monday, 6 May 2013

Faeit 212 has gone...

So it seems to me that my favourite 40k based rumour source has gone. There was a brief video on youtube from Natfka explaining the situation and even he didn't seem to know quite what was going on.

I really hope this isn't part of the recent GW legal crackdown but I would hazard a guess that it is - there are lots of pre-sale photos and details that go up on 212 (especially about White Dwarf) that may be the reason why they've pulled the blog. If this is a GW legal casualty it seems a bit excessive, it's not like the site is allowing you to download rules or anything! The pictures it gets are given to them by contacts from inside the company or from foreign versions of White Dwarf, which leads me to believe that perhaps sorting their own house out would be a better use of their time than trying to shut down the internet mouth piece.

The other thing I don't get is why this site and not say, BoLS or Warseer which also regularly post the same sort of things. No doubt there is a simpler explanation and far be it from me to speculate - In any case I hope Faeit 212 comes back and perhaps with some more thorough editing (no points/prices?) it will be allowed to.  212 was a great source of info and inspiration for me and allowed me to waste quite a lot of time!

Just my 2c worth...

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Air-crash Investigation...

There are traitors in our midsts...last night someone (I'm assuming an Alpha Legion operative) tipped my stack of books over which shunted my Thunderhawk onto the floor, from 6ft...

This is the result...

I are sad panda :(

As an aside, I'm going to blame Natfka for jinxing me as this incident happened about the same time as he posted up an article entitled 'When models fall'



Strictly speaking this post belongs on my other blog (and indeed will go up there in due course) but since this one gets much more traffic I thought I'd stick it up here.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Nathaniel Garro

Having finished Flight of the Eisenstein I wanted to start a (loyalist) Death Guard army but having struggled to think of a way to make them different from my other armies that didn't involve drop pods I sacked off the idea. However, my local store ran a conversion challenge for an HQ unit and although I didn't get it in on time I decided to make a Nathaniel Garro for the hell of it.

Poor excuses

I have a confession to make, my life is currently swallowed up with salvaging models from other armies and as such I haven't had much time to work on my Ultramarines. On the plus side I have been able to scavenge almost 1000 points for my raven guard, split my blood angels into three armies (mechanised flesh tearers, descent of angels BA and a horrendously overpowered Death Company) harvest my old grey knights into 3 brand new squads using 1 Grey Knight kit and a lot of superglue! Besides all this I've dug up my old Tau in preparation for their re-release next month.

Friday, 1 March 2013

Reflections on Battle for the Abyss

I recently finished the rather good Battle for the Abyss and thought I'd spend some time reflecting on the story.

For those who aren't familiar with it, Abyss recounts the dogged pursuit of a massive Word Bearer's ship on route to destroy the Ultramarine home world of Macragge. The Imperial forces are a mish mash of legions and it was interesting to read the dynamic between them. Getting to know the Astartes and to see how crafted and varied their personalities were was really enjoyable, it was also good to see some of the traitor legions not being traitors (especially the World Eaters who have never gone down well in most other narratives!)

Space Wolves feature heavily and the interplay between them, the Ultramarines and a captain from the Thousand Sons was great, the Space Wolves loathing of psychic 'witchcraft' is palpable and the staunch bearing of the Ultramarines is also much in evidence. There is a lot of heroism in the book and a great deal of sacrifice, though I found that I was not as attached to these characters as I was to say, Nathaniel Garro in Flight of the Eisenstein or Captain Ventanus in Know No Fear.

Surprisingly I have no desire to build something from the book which must be a first... I've recently bought a 1,200 Raven Guard army after reading Deliverence Lost and I've built a Nathaniel Garro after reading Flight.

I've just started reading Fear to Tread, I'm about 40 pages in and have already planned a heresy era Blood Angels force based on the MkIV Assault Marine multipack thing from FW...It's going to remain theoretical for a while because a) I've got to paint my Raven Guard Kill Team before Operation Mortalis in April and b) I have to get my Thunderhawk ready for a conversion competition at my local store.

As always I have too much to do...

Monday, 11 February 2013

Into the Abyss

So I've finally finished Flight of the Eisenstein and I enjoyed it very much, I'm a little disappointed to see that the follow up ones involving Garro are audiobooks - I'm not a big fan of these as I usually find the voice doesn't quite marry up with my expectations etc. If anyone out there in the interweb could make a case for them that'd be great.

Friday, 1 February 2013

New Assault Marines

Hooray! Forge World have released some new stuff! Annoyingly the thing I'm most excited about is a bundle of things that have been out for a while...

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Lost in the mist

It seems a long time since I've done anything for my Ultramarines and indeed it has been! The last time I did anything with them (apart from dropping my box of Tartaros termies...) was spraying my Thunderhawk almost two weeks ago! 

This is a shocking development on my part and to my followers I must apologise! Rest assured, I'm slowly getting on top of my work admin and will hopefully be freeing up some time for my Ultramarines this weekend, after the Six Nations match of course.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

More from Hank & Marv

What started out as a joke about a Terminator with a  banner has escalated into a new past time for me. the creation of Hank & Marv has been a bit of a personal revelation, I'm really enjoying making these comics and some have been making the rounds on twitter (@Calthburns) - They've got their own site now and it'd be great if you could pay a visit and let me know what you think!

I'm coming for you BoLs!


Last year I had a go with the Citadel spray gun and it didn't go well. I could never get the consistency right and if I got close, the pressure would go and it'd be another £6 or so for a can of propellant. In total I think the effort cost me somewhere in the region of £50 and amounted to a poorly based Storm Raven.

Monday, 14 January 2013

New Web Address

Calthburns is getting a new web address! Gone is the lengthy .blogspot.com tag, long live .net!

The official domain for the blog is now www.calthburns.net

At some point this evening there will be a digital shift, the blogspot address will redirect you automatically so don't worry if you have it linked.

Spread the news acolytes!

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Guilliman's peripherals

This weekend I have been sorting out the body of Guilliman and although I'm redoing the cloak (with much cursing and swearing at green stuff) it's got it's first coat of paint. However, I'm loath to go much further as the cloak still needs a lot of work to build up the layers and make it look like a cloak...

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Shameless Plug

I'm not normally one for self aggrandisement but I've recently been collating ideas and blogs that I've had scattered about the internet and last night I put them online in a new home just for them... The blog is For Holy Terra and focuses on my other Space Marine armies. Take a look at it if you get tired of looking at blue power armour... or Craftworld Anaris if you get tired of looking at Space Marines all together!

Monday, 7 January 2013

Warhammer World Invasion

Afternoon all,

Today I want to talk to you about the Invasion! gaming days run up at Warhammer World. For those who don't know, it's a doubles tournament where each player has 600 points and plays 3 games over the course of the day. Tickets are about £16 and I'm off to one in the middle of February! With this in mind I want some advice on what to take with me.

Now, my Heresy Ultramarines aren't fit for a small battle, the models I have just aren't very versatile (lack of heavy/special weapons) so I've got a few options...

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Clearing House

This morning I have spent time sorting and organising my collection of models, bitz and pieces of scenery. This has taken a good couple of hours and my work space looks considerably neater as a result. Armies are mostly in their respective boxes for a change (which should make it easier to find models in a hurry!) and I've given the thunderhawk a new home - it was previously balanced precariously on the top shelf...