Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Clearing House

This morning I have spent time sorting and organising my collection of models, bitz and pieces of scenery. This has taken a good couple of hours and my work space looks considerably neater as a result. Armies are mostly in their respective boxes for a change (which should make it easier to find models in a hurry!) and I've given the thunderhawk a new home - it was previously balanced precariously on the top shelf... 

I was rather shocked and dismayed at the sheer number of models that I have left to paint, theres loads of 'em! I've written down what I've got to do and done a scale from 1-10 as to the likelihood of them being finished before 2014. The list is as follows...

Ultramarines: 9/10
5 Tartaros terminatiors, 10 Assault Marines, my Guilliman Conversion and the Thunderhawk Gunship
Of course they'll be finished, that's what this blog is all about! Thunderhawk might take a while though...

Eldar: 8/10
2 Wave Serpents, Eldrad, Farseer & 3 warlocks, 15 Dire Avengers, 2 Autarchs, 16 Guardians, 2 Heavy Weapon platforms, 5 Striking Scorpions, 1 War walker and a Fire Prism.
My new love, they need to be painted because at the moment they aren't a playable list, all of these will add up to a working 1,000 points army which is a good place to pause.

Blood Angels: 6/10
Whirlwind, 2 Drop pods, 4 Devastators
If i can sort out how to get my airbrush working I'll get the vehicles painted in no time! This will push this up to an 8/10 because I will be testing it out on them...

Blood Angels Death Company: 3/10
DC Tycho, Chaplain, 5 Honour Guard, Sanguinary Priest, Rhino, Land Raider Redeemer, 12 Jump pack DC and 7 on foot
It's basically an entire army and it all needs painting black, not a prospect I'm particularly looking forward to at this point! Despite how much fun they are to play with - table anyone?

Angels of Vigilance 7/10
Tactical squad, Captain, Captain on Bike, 6 bikes, Land Speeder, 5 scouts, 1 terminator, 1 Rhino
These are my Dark Angels/Space Marines depending on how I want to use them, they're yellow and if I like the new DA codex they might well see a lot of use, they're a mechanised force and play very differently to my other armies.

Space Wolves: 4/10
1 Battle Brother, 2 Wolf Guard, 2 Long Fangs, 10 Grey Hunters, 1 Bjorn the Fellhanded, 1 Thunderwolf, 3 Chariots (custom bikes pulled by Fenrisian Wolves)
Since I already have a great 1,500 point list with my Space Wolves there is no great rush to get these finished, it's an infantry force and already has loads of models in it so I'm a little bit whitted out...

Chaos Space Marines: 6/10
15 Cultists, 1 CSM Lord, 5 Chosen, Hellbrute
If these get done it will mostly be because I'll want some more characters to use for 'Hank and Marv', put it down as a 'probably' 

A few of the modes I've got waiting to be painted...

All in all theres something like a hundred models to do, no small task!

Thankfully I received an airbrush and compressor kit for Christmas which should speed my life up by quite a bit, particularly when doing the block colours on the Eldar troops and for painting vehicles. I'll put a post up about the compressor at a later date once I've had time to get my head around it.

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