Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Lost in the mist

It seems a long time since I've done anything for my Ultramarines and indeed it has been! The last time I did anything with them (apart from dropping my box of Tartaros termies...) was spraying my Thunderhawk almost two weeks ago! 

This is a shocking development on my part and to my followers I must apologise! Rest assured, I'm slowly getting on top of my work admin and will hopefully be freeing up some time for my Ultramarines this weekend, after the Six Nations match of course.

The plan is to get more airbrushing done on the Thunderhawk before starting to paint the metallic parts (engines, thrusters, weapons etc). Once they're done I'll tackle either the Assault Squad or Tartaros Terminators. In all honesty, I'm not as excited by the Mark III Assault Marines as I was when I built them, I don't know what has changed but I'm just not feeling it anymore. Hopefully I'll snap out of this quickly and will get them done at some point in February.

Despite my neglect for the XIII legion, my new XIX legion is taking shape nicely with almost 1,200 points built in the last two weeks. I've completed an audit of my Blood Angels and Space Wolves, reorganised my Dark Angels and carried out some more experiments on my Eldar paint schemes. I won't spend too much time talking about my other armies here but you can read more about them on my other blog forholyterra.blogspot.com.

I'm currently reading Flight of the Eisenstein and am really enjoying it, not as much as I enjoyed Know No Fear but I'm finding Nathaniel Garro to be an engaging and enigmatic character and the overall story to be more personal. KNF covers a huge theatre where as FotE is more focused and emotional. It's terrible but it's making me want to paint some Death Guard...especially as the FW Character upgrade kit has a bionic leg and some massive swords in it...

Sadly the car needs servicing and might need some new tyres so the GW budget is taking a sizeable hit this month, I am making my first ever visit to Warhammer World next month and although I'm not taking the XIII to battle with, I might take some up and do some painting or maybe bump into some of the ForgeWorldOnly community.

So for now my blue pots gather dust but will soon be revived.

The Emperor Protects

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  1. You won't be disappointed with Flight of the Eisenstein. I got bored with the Heresy series after Fulgrim, only buying Thousand Sons and Fear to Tread since Fulgrim.

    Nathaniel Garro is second only to Lokken as a favourite character.