Monday, 7 January 2013

Warhammer World Invasion

Afternoon all,

Today I want to talk to you about the Invasion! gaming days run up at Warhammer World. For those who don't know, it's a doubles tournament where each player has 600 points and plays 3 games over the course of the day. Tickets are about £16 and I'm off to one in the middle of February! With this in mind I want some advice on what to take with me.

Now, my Heresy Ultramarines aren't fit for a small battle, the models I have just aren't very versatile (lack of heavy/special weapons) so I've got a few options...

Space Marines:
Captain; Power weapon bolt pistol and space marine bike

10 man tactical squad; Plasma Cannon, plasma gun, sergeant has bolter and chainsword.
Rhino transport

Bike Squadron; 5 bikes, 2 with plasma guns

Land Speeder with multi-melta

This list is highly mobile and on paper fairly hard hitting though it is quite small in number, at the moment this is my first choice.

Space Wolves:

Rune Priest; Runic armour, force axe

6 Wolf Scouts; 1 with bolter, 1 with missile launcher, melta bombs

10 Grey Hunters, 2 plasma guns

5 Grey Hunters, plasma gun

Long Fangs; 2 Plasma Cannons, squad leader has plasma gun

A footslogging list that has a lot of destructive capabilities, the Rune Priest will most likely be unchallenged and with a good roll on the psychic powers chart could reek havoc - provided you can close on the enemy sharpish.

Blood Angels:

Reclusiarch; Plasma pistol

5 scouts; 4 with sniper rifles, sergeant has bolter and melta bombs

10 Tactical Marines; Multi-melta, flamer, sergeant has melta bombs

Stormraven Gunship; Twin linked multi-melta, twin linked assault cannons, four blood strike missiles

Scouts hold a rear objective whilst the gunship drops the tactical squad in the centre objective then blasts away with it's missiles and assault cannons

Death Company:

Reclusiarch; Plasma pistol

Death Company; 6 Death company marines

Death Company Dreadnaught; Heavy flamer, blood talons

Stormraven Gunship; Twin linked multi-melta, twin linked assault cannons, four blood strike missiles

Can anyone say table? Fly straight up the middle and unload the Death Company on the enemy, the Dreadnaught can be dropped off en-route and tear through large squads of infantry with it's heavy flamer and blood talons.

I don't need to settle on anything for a good few weeks so these lists are flexible. If anyone has any thoughts please let me know in the comments box.