Monday, 11 February 2013

Into the Abyss

So I've finally finished Flight of the Eisenstein and I enjoyed it very much, I'm a little disappointed to see that the follow up ones involving Garro are audiobooks - I'm not a big fan of these as I usually find the voice doesn't quite marry up with my expectations etc. If anyone out there in the interweb could make a case for them that'd be great.

I've moved onto Battle for the Abyss which I managed to pick up on Amazon for about 30p. I've only just got into it but so far it seems okay - it's actually made me want to dig out my old Battlefleet Gothic (remember that?) stuff and possibly make a Kill-Team inspired by the ragtag mix of Astartes that are on the frigate. This would be cool, especially with the new World Eater kits from Forge World.

I've spoken at length before about how I love the concept of Kill-Teams and I honestly think it's one of the best ways to play 40k.

Despite my earlier pledge to find time for my Ultramarines, the lord of change continues to conspire against me and I'm still short on time. I do have a week's vacation coming up (and a trip to Warhammer World) next week and I intend to make the most of it...despite the shed load of work I'll no doubt have to do as well! My target is to start getting some detailing done on the Thunderhawk and maybe get some of my MkIII Assault Marines done too.

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