Sunday, 17 March 2013

Nathaniel Garro

Having finished Flight of the Eisenstein I wanted to start a (loyalist) Death Guard army but having struggled to think of a way to make them different from my other armies that didn't involve drop pods I sacked off the idea. However, my local store ran a conversion challenge for an HQ unit and although I didn't get it in on time I decided to make a Nathaniel Garro for the hell of it.

Poor excuses

I have a confession to make, my life is currently swallowed up with salvaging models from other armies and as such I haven't had much time to work on my Ultramarines. On the plus side I have been able to scavenge almost 1000 points for my raven guard, split my blood angels into three armies (mechanised flesh tearers, descent of angels BA and a horrendously overpowered Death Company) harvest my old grey knights into 3 brand new squads using 1 Grey Knight kit and a lot of superglue! Besides all this I've dug up my old Tau in preparation for their re-release next month.

Friday, 1 March 2013

Reflections on Battle for the Abyss

I recently finished the rather good Battle for the Abyss and thought I'd spend some time reflecting on the story.

For those who aren't familiar with it, Abyss recounts the dogged pursuit of a massive Word Bearer's ship on route to destroy the Ultramarine home world of Macragge. The Imperial forces are a mish mash of legions and it was interesting to read the dynamic between them. Getting to know the Astartes and to see how crafted and varied their personalities were was really enjoyable, it was also good to see some of the traitor legions not being traitors (especially the World Eaters who have never gone down well in most other narratives!)

Space Wolves feature heavily and the interplay between them, the Ultramarines and a captain from the Thousand Sons was great, the Space Wolves loathing of psychic 'witchcraft' is palpable and the staunch bearing of the Ultramarines is also much in evidence. There is a lot of heroism in the book and a great deal of sacrifice, though I found that I was not as attached to these characters as I was to say, Nathaniel Garro in Flight of the Eisenstein or Captain Ventanus in Know No Fear.

Surprisingly I have no desire to build something from the book which must be a first... I've recently bought a 1,200 Raven Guard army after reading Deliverence Lost and I've built a Nathaniel Garro after reading Flight.

I've just started reading Fear to Tread, I'm about 40 pages in and have already planned a heresy era Blood Angels force based on the MkIV Assault Marine multipack thing from FW...It's going to remain theoretical for a while because a) I've got to paint my Raven Guard Kill Team before Operation Mortalis in April and b) I have to get my Thunderhawk ready for a conversion competition at my local store.

As always I have too much to do...