Sunday, 17 March 2013

Nathaniel Garro

Having finished Flight of the Eisenstein I wanted to start a (loyalist) Death Guard army but having struggled to think of a way to make them different from my other armies that didn't involve drop pods I sacked off the idea. However, my local store ran a conversion challenge for an HQ unit and although I didn't get it in on time I decided to make a Nathaniel Garro for the hell of it.

Having done some research on what Garro looks like and finding some cool pics online I set about my creative challenge. Garro has a sweet power sword, power armour, a bionic leg and a bolter. He also has an eagle statue over his shoulders in most of the artwork I've seen, though I don't remember reading's probably in another book

With this in mind I used the sword with demon head from the Grey Knights kit, the torso from the Space Marine Commander and then parts from the FW character upgrade sprue (bionic leg!) lastly I snipped a rhino door to make it look like decking for the base. I threw some PVA glue over the burgle demon head to make it ooze a bit more which I thought would be a nice touch.

I'm really pleased with it, let me know what you think in the comments below.


  1. Love it! :)

    I wish they'd done a Garro model for Betrayal to be honest but yours is very close to what I'd have wanted, so thumbs up!

    1. Cheers! I hope they'll do a heresy in space compilation with all the fights that take place on ships

  2. Like he stepped out of the novel - great work!