Monday, 6 May 2013

Faeit 212 has gone...

So it seems to me that my favourite 40k based rumour source has gone. There was a brief video on youtube from Natfka explaining the situation and even he didn't seem to know quite what was going on.

I really hope this isn't part of the recent GW legal crackdown but I would hazard a guess that it is - there are lots of pre-sale photos and details that go up on 212 (especially about White Dwarf) that may be the reason why they've pulled the blog. If this is a GW legal casualty it seems a bit excessive, it's not like the site is allowing you to download rules or anything! The pictures it gets are given to them by contacts from inside the company or from foreign versions of White Dwarf, which leads me to believe that perhaps sorting their own house out would be a better use of their time than trying to shut down the internet mouth piece.

The other thing I don't get is why this site and not say, BoLS or Warseer which also regularly post the same sort of things. No doubt there is a simpler explanation and far be it from me to speculate - In any case I hope Faeit 212 comes back and perhaps with some more thorough editing (no points/prices?) it will be allowed to.  212 was a great source of info and inspiration for me and allowed me to waste quite a lot of time!

Just my 2c worth...


  1. Cheer up dude. It's not over...

  2. The reason they went for Faeit212 is because of one single reason. Its on google.

    All GW had to do was send one official letter notice to Google and they pulled the blog because they don't want to be responsible for copyright infringment, which they would have been liable for as the host of the blog (if it was indeed infringing material).

    Warseer is on its own servers, its much more difficult to shut down an operation like that.