Sunday, 12 May 2013


Macragge is a civilised culture and I can see them having a wealth of stories from the days of yore, stories of magic and monsters, heroes and villains. I see artisans and scholars working together to bring these stories to life, perhaps in miniature fashion for two or more players aged would prove a useful tool for gauging tactical acumen in the recruits or a past time for commanders on their long transits through the warp...

Okay it's not the best Segway but it will do. I have recently been struck by shiny model syndrome and have bought the new High Elf armies book and a dragon. I don't play fantasy but I'm interested in getting to grips with the game,  as such I'm looking to you, Internet to offer me some sage council.

The plan at the moment is to do a Caledor/Chrace themed force. I've got a Dragon Mage but that's it. I was going to start off with the new battalion set (20 spearmen, 8 silver helms, 20 archers and a chariot) but am sort of stuck as to where to go next. Magic is something I'm keen to use a lot of but I want to make life quite simple, at least to begin with.

I don't want to over reach myself, I personally think fantasy is harder to paint than 40k (it seems fiddler and there's a lot more of them needed to get a decent game going!) so I was looking at around 2,000 points. Now, the following is about 1,500 points

Loremaster of Hoeth
Dragon Mage
36 spearmen
20 archers
8 silver helms
Lion Chariot of Chrace

I think this is a solid base with which to build around. The archers can be split into two units of ten to give me some ranged options, the dragon gives me manoeuvrability and a bit of fire power whilst the spearman are fairly solid in these big numbers. Lastly the chariot and silver helms can cover my flanks. The question is, what next?

I need something to hide the loremaster in. In this month's battle report he was in a unit of Phoenix Guard and this seemed to have worked well. I don't really like the fluff of Phoenix Guard - I much prefer the fluff of White Lions but I'm not sure how the loremaster would fare in this unit. A unit of 20 of either is much of a muchness in terms of points. This would leave me with a bit left (200 or so) for something else...maybe a unit of dragon princes or an eagle bolt thrower.

Basically, what do you guys think?

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