Saturday, 18 May 2013

Seminar 2: Models of the Horus Heresy

There aren't going to be any pictures with this because the models shown in this seminar are strict WIPs and we were told this was not allowed...But I'll do my best to describe them!

Word Bearers Circle of Ashes 
A specialist destroyer squad. Iconoclasts, designed to burn civilisations.
Ornate armour with armoured tabard, right leg raised and set at a right angle, not stood on anything...yet
Very nasty fireman's axe and phosphex grenades used to pull stuff down then set it on fire
(Proxy) floor length cloak

Emperors Children Phoenix Guard Terminators
Similar to death shrouds in that they have a sunken helmet recess.
Tartarus pattern variant with palatine Aquila. Power halberd for the palatine blades
Troop type in next heresy book

Iron Hands relic Contemptor Dreadnaught 
Seriously chunky!

Emperor's Children Kakophany[sic] Noise Marines
Newly sculpted weapon, tabard/cloak

'New Legion Tank'
Land Raider sized tank with Land Raider looking rear half and fellblade-style sloped front and tracks. Turret with 2 barrels either side - there will be variants!

Kharybdis Assault Claw
Massive looking drop pod! (Can fit on your head)
Like a drop pod but can also get back up and fly
Heavily armed
Vortex melta

Mechanicum Castellax Battle Automaton
General purpose combat battle automaton with cybernetica cortex, dark age technology, makes it a 'living thing'. Akin to a Contemptor 
Mauler pattern bolt cannon on the shoulder - slower but punchier, designed when the mechanical were fighting each other...Trinity of weapons, heavy on the back and secondaries in the arms. These things have different programmes to determine function...these will be slightly unpredictable!

Magos Dominus
Battlefield controller, functions a bit like a tyrannid warrior - it keeps other mechanica units on the straight and narrow.
Tooled up with all manner of things!

Got a cheer from the crowd. Next set of characters comes with Kor Pheron (not finished)
Designed by Edgar. Holding aloft a book on a banner pole. Quite chunky armour, left hand reaching out, right leg resting on a scenic base. 3-4 months down the line...

Are we getting Custodes and Sisters of Silence?
Yes, all majorly important units should get units. These two will be seen in Prospero

Are we getting legion specific torsos, heads etc?
Yes, but more likely unit specific specialist units and vehicle doors. Torsos maybe but not urgently

Mechanicum List?
Yes, can you wait for the next seminar?

Yes, we're going to do a lot more mechanicum 

Is there going to be a new dreadclawnto replace the one that was discontinued?
Yes at some point in the future. The old one was a bit complicated.

What about Titan Legions?
When we get round to future projects the Titan legions will really come into focus, including new titans but no imperator...Warlord will turn up though. These aren't quick projects, the Reaver Titan took a year to do.

Will there be any more bionic upgrade kits?
Possibly but likely to be legion specific - iron hands/iron warriors

Are we looking at a 4-5 year time frame to get to Battle of Terra?
We might not be doing the Heresy in chronological order, but do try and stay fit and healthy because this is going to go on for a long time.

Are you going to touch upon aliens?
Aliens make an appearance in the Heresy but it's not a time of vast alien armies impacting on the imperium. Humanity is taking over so the main focus is on the civil war of man destroying man. They might be a side event but in a game view there's probably not a lot of point because you can fight aliens in 40k. AB: the Heresy only lasted for 14 years, at this time, the aliens are either dead or in hiding.

Are we going to be seeing the Imperial Army and will they have flyers and bikes like in the days of rogue trader?
We will pick off some of the units as we go along, there won't be vast numbers of models but it will be characterful.

Are all the special characters going to be done or are we being left to convert some?
The Primarchs will be done and some in several versions, the well known characters will be done too (Erebus) but a lot of the third tiers will be left out or come out much later. There will be plenty of generic HQ units to satisfy you. There is a gorgon coming and new dreadnoughts etc.

What about other legion (BA/Ultras) shoulder pads etc will we have to wait or will there be some accelerated things?
There will be some but some legions will lag behind. We aren't going to rush this, it's going to be done properly and this will take time - be patient!

Will there be add-on sets like the Cataphractii weapon sets?
Yes there will be, probably legion specific variants like they did with Justareons and Phoenix guard.

Will there be a sergeant upgrade pack?
Yes. We are trying to be logical about this and will get round to it.

They keep mentioning the scouring...

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