Sunday, 9 June 2013

Works in Progress: Terminators, rotor cannons and Scouts

Having finally got the hang of my airbrush and with some tips picked up from the HH Weekender, I have been churning through my armies getting them based, layered and highlighted.Yesterday was a Dark Angels binge, the day before that was my Mymeara style Eldar, the previous Weekend had been Emperor's Children (and Fulgrim), finally, I managed to get round to my Ultramarines.

It's been a solid morning of hobbying. I had to rebuild a bunch of stuff that had been damaged by unknown forces (Much like the Thunderhawk incident, I'm blaming the Alpha Legion for this). I've layered and highlighted the following:

10 MkIII Assault Marines
5 Tartarus pattern terminators
5 Reconnaisance Marines
5 Suport Marines with rotor cannons

IMHO rotor cannons look absolutely awesome, possibly the coolest add on that FW have produced, their stats however are rubbish, S3 AP6 Salvo 3/4 - what a waste! It's like the Klob from Goldeneye (remember them?) I probably won't end up fielding them - I bought them without consulting the codex which was a mistake however, in keeping with my initial brief, this army is going to be made up of things I like the look of, not necessarily things that play well.

Recon squad with sniper rifles

Sergeant with rotor cannon
Still a WIP but I've managed to make a start on this guy

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