Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Celestial Lions and Carcharadons

In a moment of inspiration I've made the foolish decision to start 2 new SM armies...why? Because of White Dwarf, that's why...

This month I was struck by the excellent image of Chaplain Grimaldus and an unknown Celestial Lion fighting back to back against some Orks. Celestial Lions have a cool back story (have a read on the 40k wiki if you've got a spare moment) I even purchased ADB's novella about then (also worth a read!).

Their armour is gold and blue which poses a problem. Gold is quite an ostentatious colour and I'm concerned they'll look too gaudy if not done Well. I've ordered some more Valejo Air metallics to help me out in this and I'll get some pics up soon.

The other development is on my old C:SM armies have been consolidated into two sets. My Carcharodons now make up the bulk and have been reinforced with a Land Raider, 2 Storm Talons, Assault Squad and two terminator squads. The rest of the army is made up of tactical squads and scouts whilst almost all of my jump pack marines are in a box waiting for the widely rumoured Raven Guard supplement for the new Codex: SM. 

Carcharodons are a speed painting wet dream as they don't really do embellishments or excessive detail according to the fluff. That said, I've done some free hand sharks on their shoulder pads which take a bit of time...

I'm on my summer break now (love being a teacher at times) and as my fiancée is now at work I've got loads of hobby time ahead of me!

Celestial Lions
Grey Knights
maybe get in WHFB...

I'll put some pictures up later.

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