Friday, 12 July 2013

Man-cave and Carcharodons

I bought house recently and managed to persuade my fiancée to let me have the 3rd bedroom as a man-cave. It's a work in progress but this is what I've managed to sort out so far...

The move out of London has meant I have a but more spare cash so I've treated myself to some more goodies. Despite offering 30% discount, I won't be ordering from TotalWargammer again. It was 5 weeks to deliver my new Eldar and even then my rangers and Illic Nightspear were left out. As such I've gone back to triplehelix wargamming. I was flicking through the Badab wars books and was rather taken by the Carcharodons - as such in going to knock out a force using bits from the Flesh Tearers army I was piecing together. I bought a Land Raider, 2 storm talons, a tactical squad and some assault terminators as well as Tyberus from FW. It comes in at about 1750pts with my scavenged bits.

Below is the Crusader that in going to use as a command vehicle...

I know it's another SM army but there wasn't much else that took my fancy at the moment! 


  1. Wow... fancy. 3 Bedrooms? Space is expensive where I come from, so no mancave for me ^^

    Thank you for the look inside your kingdom!


    1. The Emperor rewards his loyal servants with man-caves. If it makes you feel any better it's only a 2m x 2m's not even a real cave :/

  2. I love the man cave. I just built a man cave in an old shed I had in my backyard and decorated it with automotive memorabilia. I even went as far as to have custom street signs made to hang up on the walls.