Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Armies on Parade

I don't plan on going to Gamesday this year. I went last year and it was fine but, bar queuing and then buying a load of stuff from FW I covered much of the rest of what was on offer quite quickly. Yes there was some cool thins to look at but I was left feeling a bit...meh about the experience. That said, if I were to say win a ticket via Armies on Parade then that'd change things considerably...

As a school teacher I've had the past 5 weeks off (1 more to go!) and I've spent most of it sorting out our new house but I've also done a fair bit of hobby stuff too including constructing an entry for AoP. Having read the Armageddon novella Blood and Fire I've started a Celestial Lions army and have chosen to do my AoP board on this story, or at least the premise to it. The board is going to be the 3rd Company advancing into the Mannheim Gap, the canyon wear the Orks had set up their factories. It was fun and quite easy to build though painting it was a bit of a faff as the expanding foam doesn't take paint very well.

On the board I have tried to show several different elements including an armoured column bulldozing its way down the canyon, an HQ conflab to discuss the situation and a tactical squad securing the landing site. I've tried to put in little homages to the book with things like several marines looking at Auspexes (thinking out loud "we'll this cant be right...") and a master of marches reading out the list of the 500 CLs that took part. I'm going to try and put in an Inquisitorial sniper if I have the time taking aim at an Apothecary. As I've only just moved to the area I'm not sure what the competition will be like but I'm really pleased with how the board is shaping up. It's not quite finished yet but it's nearly there. For now, enjoy these...

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